“Money Don’t Make Real Men”: Bill Haney Hits Out at Floyd Mayweather for Not Putting a “Dime Up” After Tommy Smalls’ Demise

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The boxing community lost a gem back in October last year. Many boxing legends were personally affected by the passing of trainer Tommy Smalls. Renowned for his work with champions like Floyd MayweatherZab Judah, and Devin Haney, Smalls left an indelible mark on the sport. Sharing a heartfelt message on social media back then, Mayweather paid tribute to his longtime friend and colleague.

Rest in Peace my brother,” wrote Mayweather alongside a picture of Smalls. “I will always love you!” However, Devin Haney’s father Bill Haney doesn’t think this was enough, knowing how much Smalls did for Mayweather throughout his career. And for that reason, in the latest diatribe from Bill Haney to Floyd Mayweather, the death of Tommy Smalls has been raised as an issue.

Tommy Smalls, a name synonymous with nurturing greatness in the ring, has left a great legacy behind him. Smalls wasn’t just a member of Mayweather’s training camp; their bond transcended years of collaboration. A constant advocate for Mayweather’s talent, Smalls’ voice consistently championed Floyd’s prowess.

This dedication extended beyond established stars. Smalls’ keen eye spotted a young prodigy at the Roy Jones Jr. Fight Academy – a then 16-year-old Devin Haney, now the WBC super lightweight champion. Among all the boxers he has trained, Mayweather was the one he talked about the most. However, despite this, Bill Haney pointed out that Mayweather didn’t offer any assistance to his family when he passed away, and he also did not contribute any money for his funeral.

Bill wrote on X, “Money don’t make real men. Me, Dev, J Prince & Kurt buried Tommy Smalls. While Floyd posted Smalls on his social media. Money May didn’t put a dime up for the funeral nor did he help out the family. Floyd talked to Tommy more than anyone and Tommy family is hurt.

However, there is no way of confirming if this is true or not. It’s just his word against Mayweather’s. However, it’s still quite a big accusation. How Mayweather counters this charge remains to be seen.

Devin Haney dedicated his victory over Regis Prograis to Tommy Smalls

Devin Haney’s recent victory over Regis Prograis wasn’t just a display of boxing brilliance. Haney dominated the fight, securing the WBC junior welterweight title and becoming a two-division champion. However, the win was tinged with sadness. Early in training camp, Haney revealed he’d lost his close friend and trainer, Tommy Smalls. “It really hurt me,” Haney confessed.

Yet, Haney found strength in his grief. “I just used it as motivation,” he declared. He recounted how Smalls’ voice continued to guide him: “I still remember everything Tommy would tell me.” Dedicating the victory to Smalls, Haney’s voice resonated with a mix of emotions. “This victory is for him, I wish he was here,” he expressed, a tinge of loss coloring his triumph.


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