These 5 WWE female superstars, ranging from Becky Lynch to Liv Morgan, have appeared in films and television shows.

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Pro wrestling is classified as a performing art form and a form of sports entertainment. Fans may all agree that in order to persuade the audience of the story they tell in the ring, the celebrities participating must exhibit extraordinary acting skills. As a result, a large number of WWE stars have moved to Hollywood. WWE icons like John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, and Batista have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. However, the topic of discussion for today will be the lesser-known female WWE performers that have made a name for themselves in Hollywood.

The wife of Seth Rollins, an Irish professional wrestler and former WWE champion, has previously starred in Hollywood films. But viewers might not have noticed that this was her first time on television. In the eighth episode of the first season of the well-known television series Vikings, she performed as a stunt double. One year prior to her NXT debut, in 2013, the RAW star was featured in the series. But it wasn’t the only occasion she appeared in an action avatar.

She was written off television to star in the WWE Studios movie The Marine 6: Close Quarters, just three years after making her NXT debut and a year after winning the first SmackDown Women’s championship. In the film, she played Maddy Hayes, an Irish criminal villain. Shawn Micheals and The Miz played significant parts in the film as well. Following that, we saw the WWE star in a different capacity in the Young Rock docuseries, starring Dwayne Johnson. In a show episode, she played well-known singer, songwriter, and activist Cyndi Lauper.

Liv Morgan was not fortunate enough to have her movie debut in a WWE Studios production, unlike many other WWE stars. The Kill Room marked the Hollywood debut of the former WWE Women’s Tag Team champion. The film was produced by Idiot Savant Pictures and Yale Productions. Alongside Morgan in the lead roles were notable actors like Samuel Jackson and Uma Thurman. Emma was the role she portrayed in the film. She had a cameo appearance in the second season of Chucky, a horror television series, in 2022. Her Hollywood endeavors remain unfinished, but she has rejoined WWE for the 2024 Royal Rumble.

Sonya Deville
The Raw star, who is currently sidelined by an injury, will soon be seen in the TV film DNA Secrets. The movie is still being filmed, and no release date has been announced. According to rumors, Deville portrays a police officer in the film, which centers on a family that becomes the target of several killings after a DNA test.

Filming for the film is taking place in Clearwater, Tampa Bay. In an interview, Deville also said that her previous WWE ring experience had helped her with her acting career.

Trinity Fatal, also known as In the 2024 Royal Rumble PLE, Naomi made a comeback to the WWE. She has made a few appearances in different media thanks to her remarkable reputation in professional wrestling. She made an appearance in The Marine 5: Battleground as Murphy. The movie’s lead role was portrayed by The Miz. But Naomi had very little more than a supporting part. In addition, she was eliminated from the movie not long after making her debut.

Flair Charlotte

Due to a severe injury she received during a brawl with Asuka, the WWE Queen is presently sidelined. Fans shouldn’t overlook the fact that the 14-time Women’s World Champion has also acted in a motion picture. She has portrayed a villain in the television comedy film Psych: The Movie, just like Becky Lynch.

It was an extension of the well-known American comedy-drama Psych. She performed the supporting part of Heather Rockrear, the henchwoman of Zachery Levi’s character, “The Thin White Duke,” who is the main antagonist of the film.

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