Michael Phelps, the cheerleader for Tiger Woods, supports Anthony Kim’s momentous comeback after a 12-year hiatus.

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When Anthony Kim underwent extensive surgery following an injury back in June 2012, the golf world fell silent. Fans were taken aback by Kim’s absence, as they had hoped for his health and a speedy return. However, there are rumors that the American golfer might return to the game shortly. Many are ecstatic about this, including Michael Phelps, the 23-time Olympic gold medallist.

Anthony Kim hasn’t participated in the sport for 12 years because of an insurance policy clause. Many believed that the virtuoso, who was hailed as the future Tiger Woods, would forever be eclipsed by this. However, things have taken a very drastic turn for the better, and Michael Phelps is clearly loving having Kim back. The swimming GOAT even expressed his excitement for Kim’s homecoming in a social media update.

On Instagram, Michael Phelps posted a narrative with a message announcing Anthony Kim’s much-awaited comeback. Phelps captioned the story, writing, “Let’s gooooo!!!” I’m very excited! The Flying Fish had posted a link to a article that revealed the possibility of an AK return.

In this context,’s Instagram post says, “BREAKING: Anthony Kim is in talks to make a comeback to professional golf.” After being absent from the game for more than ten years, Kim has been planning her comeback for the past few months. This gave Michael Phelps, who was just blessed with his fourth child, even more cause for celebration. Many Americans can relate to Michael Phelps’ feelings and his current excitement. They are taken aback, meanwhile, to witness the Olympian supporting the 38-year-old golfer. In actuality, Phelps was in Tiger Woods’ camp not long after, during Anthony Kim’s 12-year hiatus.

Like many others, Michael Phelps has a deep admiration for Tiger Woods. In April 2019, the former US swimmer had even taken a special flight to attend an event in favor of Woods. The 48-year-old golfer was actually watched by the formidable Olympian, who took a ride on an aircraft.

Michael Phelps discussed it, saying, “Watching him and how in control of everything on the golf course… Every action seems so deliberate, and I can tell he gives careful consideration to even the smallest details. That’s something with which I identify. Does this imply that Phelps prefers the current Tiger Woods to the previous one?

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