“I Truly Found a Home”: John Cena Talks About Almost Entering a Field Like Dwayne Johnson’s in the Past

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John Cena is regarded as a multi-talented individual. In addition to his Hollywood career, the 16-time WWE World Champion is well-known for his freestyle rapping abilities, which fans got to see in his early WWE tenure. In addition, the celebrity is well-known for having pursued bodybuilding prior to entering the professional wrestling ring. But the celebrity also had a fantasy that he wanted to come true but couldn’t. In a recent interview, the Leader of Cenation discussed his obscure football past with Up & Adam’s Show.

The host of Up & Adam’s Show, Kay Adams, told the 46-year-old star that it was difficult for her to contemplate the possibility that Cena never gave an NFL career any thought in the most recent episode. Cena responded by outlining his position. Despite claiming to have found a “home in the offensive line,” the celebrity was unable to keep up with the game’s rapid tempo. “Football is such a fast game and game of skill and fluency,” he declared. I was somewhat modest because you couldn’t just play one position—you had to play them all.

Cena went on to say that his shy demeanor and large stature were not appropriate for playing football. He said that he had come to terms with the fact that his final collegiate football game would mark the conclusion of his football career.

Despite not being able to make it to the NFL, he claimed to have learned something important from the experience. “It prepared me for being alright when one chapter ends and continuing to look forward to the life you got ahead of you,” Cena remarked.

Cena attended Springfield College and graduated. Although his acting and mic prowess are what most people are familiar with, there is another, less well-known aspect of him.

In addition to playing offensive line for the Springfield football team and engaging in freestyle rapping in his dorm, Cena studied exercise physiology for his bachelor’s degree at the university. His motivation for enrolling in the course in 1998 was his passion for pumping iron. The star suddenly zipped by with brilliant hues, his sights fixed on his next victim.

The celebrity then made the difficult decision to pursue a profession in bodybuilding. He relocated to Venice, California, the bodybuilding mecca. But due to some challenges, he was compelled to work numerous odd jobs in addition to driving limousines. He ultimately made the decision to turn pro, and the rest is history.


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