“I Ain’t Talking, I Want My Lawyer”: Fans Caption Mike Tyson’s Latest Post in an Ingenious Way at His Request

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Mike Tyson is the best at entertaining their followers! With identical goals in mind, the former heavyweight champion took to social media today. He requested that his followers caption the photo as they saw fit, and wow, he received a lot of answers. The post was made in response to recent speculation that Mike would have a challenger at age 57.

Social media erupted with news yesterday that Mike Tyson might square off against MMA icon Fedor Emelianenko. Furthermore, Mike’s camp has not confirmed that “The Emperor” Emelianenko would take on Mike in Saudi Arabia, despite his prior expressions of enthusiasm. His Instagram post kept admirers entertained in the interim.

A few hours ago, “Iron” Mike posted a photo of himself on the social media site along with a note that offered his loyal fans a unique chance to communicate with him. He annotated a candid photo of himself with the words “Caption This.” With a lit cigarette between his fingers, the former heavyweight was sitting back on his chair, dressed in a black t-shirt and skully of the same color.

He leaned his thick, strong arm on the table in front, which held a bright red lighter—likely used to light the cigarette. Tyson looked at it blankly until something pulled his eyes to the left, beyond the image’s boundaries. The boxing community showed off their inventiveness in the comment area when they saw the post today and asked for a caption.

Following their assignment to create the greatest caption for the post, Mike’s followers went to work, creating some of the most accurate interpretations of Mike’s facial emotions. One person even went so far as to caption their photo with Mike’s notorious bite fight incident. “I’m feeling peckish,” the person commented. Give me your ear. It’s interesting to note that Mike sells treats infused with cannabis under the “Holy Ears” brand, which fits the description even better.

Something that Mike must have considered after retiring from boxing was said by another user. “Contemplating whether or not to return to claim the heavyweight title,” the user commented.

Another person described the sight as Mike sitting across from some police officers in a room being questioned. The user said, “I want my lawyer, I aint talkin’.” Given that Mike has experience with the law, would he have made such a statement during one of his assignments?

One of the famous quotes that Mike had once uttered to a boxer was brought up by the following user. “Big boy, sign the contract, please,” the user wrote. Bob Sapp challenged Tyson to a bout in 2003 following Tyson’s victory over Kimo Leopoldo. Mike thus agreed to take on the challenge and used the now-famous statement.

A user attempted to caption the post humorously. “What do you mean we are out of hot pockets?” the user wrote.


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