“He’s Never Winning”: Tiger Woods Seems to Have Lost the “Major” Confidence of Fans, and His PGAT Dreams Are Also Seriously Under Examine

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There is a reason why he is called “the best”! Throughout his career, Tiger Woods has received numerous honors. It’s interesting to note that some of them stick out more than others. You may ask, what are they? As everyone knows, the 48-year-old boasts an incredible 82 PGA Tour victories, including 15 majors. Will he be able to add to his total once more, though?

NUCLR GOLF asked this question a while back on their social media handle. What transpired next, though, was nothing short of shocking as many people expressed on social media their lack of confidence in the pro winning yet another significant match!

NUCLR GOLF posted an old Skratch video and two questions on its X profile (formerly known as Twitter) in an effort to start a “discussion” among the community. In the first tweet, the golf community was asked what they thought about Mr. T “passing Sam Snead for most PGA Tour wins all time” after he won “this season” during his comeback. Then it would force him over the eighty-two mark.

The news account continued the article by posing the question once more: will the 1997 Masters Tournament winner be able to “ever catch” Jack Nicklaus’s record of “major championship” victories? With a staggering total of 18 major victories throughout the course of his career, the “Golden Bear”

The golfer would have to shatter both records in the midst of his 2024 schedule, which would see him begin the season in February at the Genesis Invitational. He would, however, follow it up with a monthly event, such as the Masters in April, the PLAYERS in March, and so forth. One thing that the inquiry did highlight, though, is that, in the wake of his injury and suspension, not many people still have faith in the golfer.

The tweet got the response it was intended to as many people used it to show their support for the expert. The 48-year-old never would have guessed that the community would react in this way.

Supporters’ responses were mixed, with some pointing out that the golfer had what it takes to beat one record but not shatter the other, while others painted him as incapable of doing both. In any case, let’s quickly examine a few of them.

One admirer did express his opinions about the subject quite clearly. They continued by revealing that the golfer may win one more PGA Tour competition. However, what about the majors? That is definitely not the case!

Another fanatic, meanwhile, made it clear that none of the two—major or not—would occur anytime soon or, for that matter, in the future. Talk about having confidence in something!

For the PGAT event, here it is! This time, a supporter voiced his unwavering optimism that the athlete would be able to surpass Snead’s record of 82. But they feel that defeating Nicklaus is a whole other ballgame!

Another fan stood up to offer a similar, but somewhat different, response. They continued by saying that although Woods might not be allowed to do so on the men’s circuit, things are very different on the PGA Tour Champions!

Another one is coming for the 48-year-old. This time, the golf enthusiast expressed zero faith in the player’s skill, calling him a piece of history and lamenting the fact that no one was still interested in him!

Only a few, albeit not by much, expressed their faith in the professional’s abilities. The fan expressed doubts about the 82-time PGA Tour winner defeating players such as “The Golden Bear,” but acknowledging that he could win a major.


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