Tiger Woods to Break His Deafening Silence Regarding TaylorMade Pairing, According to Reports, a Content Shoot

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Is Tiger Woods filming a Sunday Red promotional video? That’s implied by the 15-time Major Champion’s first sighting of the year. A video of the seasoned golfer hitting the greens was uploaded by Richard Bland. As noted by TWLegion, a Tiger Woods fan community on X (previously Twitter), it was more than just a typical practice session.

Indeed, they disclosed that Ollie Neglerio, the chief photographer at TaylorMade, was carrying the camera while strolling beside Woods, which could suggest a “content shoot” for Sunday Red, the brand’s new apparel division, according to rumors. “Safe to probably assume he was having a content shoot today relating to the new line,” TWLegion posted on X.

Tiger Woods can be seen entering the greens with a club while wearing all black in the video. The brief video was initially shared on Instagram Stories by LIV Golf pro Richard Bland, who said, “The GOAT is in town.” But the seasoned player at Cleeks GC declined to identify the golf course.

Nevertheless, Neglerio’s presence was what attracted notice. The observation was initially made by Emmy Award-winning director Justin Wheelon and was then taken up by TWLegion. for the moment, Ollie Neglerio leads creative content for TaylorMade Golf.

Naturally, that would have been written off as a publicity stunt for the brand-new TaylorMade gear in a different era. But Woods has already shared a teaser video for TaylorMade’s new Qi10 driver, which “replaces” the Stealth 2. Neglerio has also collaborated with PGAT Pros like Tiger Woods over the past few years.

He was the driving force behind TaylorMade’s decision to bring back “Mac Daddy Santa” for the holiday season. Remember when Woods swung the club while wearing a Tiger suit? That was also the brainchild of Neglerio. Therefore, Neglerio’s presence has new significance as rumors about Sunday Red, the 48-year-old, continue to circulate.

According to reports, TaylorMade Golf’s apparel division, TaylorMade Lifestyle Ventures LLC, has applied for a patent on Sunday Red with the USPTO. The moniker pays homage to the well-known Nike Red tees Woods wore throughout Sunday’s final rounds. The letters “S,” “D,” and “R” are inscribed at the top and bottom of the logo, which features tigers with stripes. According to sources, the behemoth in equipment is bringing not just t-shirts, pants, jackets, and other items, but also headgear and shoes.

Even while TaylorMade presently operates an apparel section, it is far from a dominant force in the market. On TaylorMade’s website, job advertising suggest that the company intends to expand. Recall that the seasoned golfer made a huge announcement when he teed off at Riviera for the Genesis Invitational, hinting at his decision to forgo Nike.


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