“She Turned Him Down”: Years before to their contentious relationship, Tiger Woods was turned down by Elin Nordegren

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Tiger Woods’s life has always been shadowed by his decline from grace following his 2010 divorce. Woods also stated in his book Unprecedented, The Masters and Me that his “regret will last a lifetime.” Woods was living the too-good-to-be-true life with Elin Nordegren and his kids prior to his abrupt decline in 2010.

Although the two had not had the most romantic of beginnings, they had been together for about ten years prior to getting married. For the former pair, things weren’t always sunshine and roses; when Nordegren first approached Woods, he gave him the cold shoulder.

In 2001, Tiger Woods got to know Elin Nordegren. Woods was considered a generational talent at the time, and he was a rising star on the PGA Tour. Jesper Parnevik, a Swedish golfer, introduced him to Nordegren. The two were first introduced during the 2001 British Open, where Nordegeren worked as a babysitter for Parnevik’s kids. When Woods first approached Nordegren, the Swedish model was wary of Woods’s suggestion that they begin dating. Nordegren didn’t think it was the best idea to enter the celebrity circle, according to pal Sobieraj Westfall. Westfall stated, “She had her opinions about celebrities and they were not high,” in the HBO documentary “Tiger,” which aired in 2021. Furthermore, she is extremely shy, so the thought of entering that environment did not appeal to her.

Consequently, the previous model first turned down Woods’ advances. Westfall claimed, “I think she initially turned him down when he asked her out.”

But over time, Nordegren became more and more persuaded, giving Woods a chance, and ultimately they began going out.

The couple had been dating for some time when they became engaged in November 2003. In October of the same year, they were married in Barbados. At the time of the public revelation of Woods’s alleged infidelity, the couple had been married for six years. The two eventually split up in 2010 after this.

It was stated that Nordegren got a $100 million settlement. Thirteen years have passed since their divorce, and despite their turbulent relationship, it appears that the bitter feelings are no longer present.

Tiger Woods shared how far his relationship with Nordegren had progressed on the occasion of his 40th birthday. In an exclusive interview, Woods said that their relationship was “fantastic” right now with Time Magazine. Once more, the two were able to communicate.

The winner said, “She’s one of my best friends.” We have constant communication and are able to pick up the phone. Their kids may have caused the abrupt shift in their relationship. The renowned golfer has two children with his former spouse. The parents had made the decision to kindly co-parent going forward.

Even though they separated more than ten years ago, their friendship has been stronger than before. Considering that Woods and their son Charlie Woods congratulated Nordegren on the birth of her third child at the 2022 PNC Championship. Now, the two have different but contented lives.

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