Nick Dunlap’s PGA Tour feat is utterly dwarfed by Tiger Woods’s $40 million stat.

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History was just written by Nick Dunlap! After winning a PGA Tour event for the first time since 1991, the 20-year-old amateur golfer sparked an internet controversy in which many compared him to Tiger Woods. It is also true that he is headed toward making the same kind of records as Woods did.

After the great golfer Phil Mickelson, Dunlap’s victory became him the first US amateur champion to win on the PGA Tour. But the 48-year-old has accomplished a great deal that Nick Dunlap hasn’t even touched. The 20-year-old appears to have a long way to go before breaking those records.

Concerns about the amateur golfer succeeding Woods began to surface after he won the American Express title. Comparing the two golfers, though, seems premature given one began leaving his golfing legacy before the other was even born.

It should come as no surprise that the 20-year-old views Tiger Woods as his hero given that he is one of the greatest players in golf history. To put things in perspective, Michael McEwan went to X and enumerated Mr. T’s accomplishments. The birthdate of Nick Dunlap is December 23, 2003.

However, Woods had already achieved eight majors by then and was 28 years old; he had “completed the career grand slam.” The 82-time PGA Tour champion had “almost $40 million on the PGA Tour,” according to the Scottish author.In addition, he had already held the top spot in the world for “298” weeks—a record that spanned more than five years.

By the time he reaches his age, Dunlap may be able to emulate his idol’s level of golfing prowess, based on his current accomplishments and career trajectory. But to do so, he would need to regularly deliver his best work. Tiger Woods has been Nick Dunlap’s hero for decades because he has been able to accomplish it.

Even though he’s matched Tiger Woods’ records, Dunlap believes he can still improve. The amateur golfer believed he could never be able to accomplish what Woods has, but he is constantly “trying to chase him” after winning the 2024 AmEx. This is how he’s felt ever since winning the US Amateur Golf Championship. “Well, I think it’s only a third of what Tiger’s actually done,” he said following his victory.

He was correct in his assumption, since Tiger Woods had won the championship three times in a row, from 1994 to 1996. Do you believe Dunlap can eventually break Woods’s professional record even though he can’t match his amateur record?

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