Is TaylorMade the True Winner of the Nike Tussle Starring Tiger Woods? The Speculative But Unknown Background of “Sunday Red”

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When Tiger Woods and Nike announced they would be splitting after 27 years, golf fans were taken aback. Indeed, there were rumors, but they remained just that—rumors. Golf enthusiasts, however, were even more shocked to learn that TaylorMade Golf may be the company behind the revival of the recognizable red shirt.

TaylorMade Golf is reportedly promoting a new clothesline under the moniker “Sunday Red,” according to rumors that were first made public by LIV Golf Updates and subsequently verified by TWLegion and NuclrGolf. Tiger Woods also gets his equipment from TaylorMade. If it materializes, the behemoth in equipment will have achieved a significant win. Will Nike have to pay for it, though?

Unexpectedly, Nike briefly toyed with the notion as well. According to Sunday Red’s previous application status, Nike Inc. submitted a 2009 trademark application under the same name, but withdrew it in 2011. The megabrand’s decision to withdraw his offer for the well-known name was unclear.

Notably, TaylorMade Golf was forced to sponsor Woods’ equipment after Nike closed its golf equipment business in 2016. Remarkably, TaylorMade was undergoing a significant makeover at the same period. Adidas sold the brand to KPS Capital Partners, who helped the equipment maker turn around its operations. Following Woods, TaylorMade Golf teamed up with Rory McIlroy, bringing more elite players to its list that already included Collin Morikawa and Brooks Koepka.

More significantly, as the No Laying Up podcast originally revealed, the trademark registrations also demonstrate that the acquisition was essentially done in December. According to USPTO statistics, TaylorMade Golf submitted its initial trademark application on December 13, one day before to the start of the PNC Championship. The giant of equipment also succeeded where Nike failed.

The later years of Nike and Tiger Woods’ collaboration stand in stark contrast to their peak years together. The seasoned golfer actively participated in the creation of numerous shoe designs. The fact that the company that supported the 15-time Major winner throughout his most difficult years was unable to create a new shoe that would meet his requirements is a perplexing dichotomy.

The media took notice when Woods chose FootJoy in the 2022 Masters. The veteran’s explanation was “limited mobility,” but Nike said that they have been developing a new sneaker that will fit him following the procedure. But that was the last time anything on the promised kicks appeared. Conversely, Nike reissued the well-known TW’13 last year. Despite creating a lot of commotion, the 15-time Major champion himself remained silent in reaction to the crowd’s favorite kicks.

Furthermore, Tiger Woods was known for sticking to his previous equipment when he used Nike clubs. He even kept using the Nike irons after agreeing to be an ambassador for TaylorMade Golf. At that moment, the 48-year-old made note of the fact that TaylorMade was working on the irons. With the exception of the Scotty Cameron putter, Woods’ golf bag is all TaylorMade four years later. The 82-time PGA Tour champion has really been praising TaylorMade’s recently released Qi10 fairway club in his remarks.

The driver of the Hero World Challenge was the past World No. 1 before it was formally introduced. While the partnership is evocative of the Nike-Woods era in its early years, the megabrand’s survival appears increasingly precarious in light of significant departures.

Not just Tiger Woods, a well-known golfer, left Nike. Prior to Woods, Jason Day, a previous World No. 1 player, departed the company to join Malbon Golf. The Australian golfer made a veiled shot at the rigidity of the megabrand while announcing the choice. In reality, two well-known figures connected to the brand following Tiger Woods’s departure were Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka.

Although Koepka has not been updated, Rory McIlroy has made a strong indication that he may be switching sponsors. At the Dubai Invitational, the 24-time PGA Tour winner was recently photographed with Greyson Clothiers CEO Charlie Schaefer. The company shared a photo with the tagline “leader of the pack” on its official social media accounts.

According to sources, Greyson Clothiers has reportedly teamed with Charlie Woods, the teenage son of Tiger Woods. The 14-year-old attended the PNC Championship wearing the well-known wolf insignia. During the PNC Championship, Woods remained silent regarding his sponsorship future; nevertheless, a month later, both Nike and Woods jointly announced their separation. These days, McIlroy generally discusses the direction golf will take. It won’t be shocking, though, if Nike loses another of their top players.

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