Cheyenne, Tiger Woods’ Niece, Makes an Enduring Disclosure Several Months After Becoming a Mother

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Despite taking a break from competitive golf due to her two pregnancies, Cheyenne Woods’ passion for the game never goes away. Over the past few years, the half-niece of renowned golfer Tiger Woods has undergone numerous personal transformations.

The golfer, who is married to Aaron Hicks, was already fortunate to have a son, Cameron, born in 2022. Then, in October of last year, she gave birth to Maya Nicole Hicks, her second child. Months after her recovery from giving birth, the 33-year-old golfer talked about parenting, her kids, and her passion for the game!

In a recent honest interview with Golf Week USA, Woods discussed her experience being a mother and how much she misses playing golf. “I do miss Tour golf,” she remarked. The golfer revealed that she misses the competition more than the travel she used to go in while on the Tour. Cheyenne Woods remarked, “I miss the competition, but not necessarily the travel.” She mentioned that she watches a lot of golf while she’s not playing the sport. I probably watch more today than I ever have.

Speaking of her 20-month-old son Cameron, she mentioned that he enjoys playing both of his parents’ sports. My son is fascinated about watching golf. He’s also starting to take a serious interest in baseball. Eventually, I hope my children will be able to witness what their mother is capable of and has accomplished. Woods had not enjoyed a round of golf until five days prior to giving birth to Maya.

She added that even though she is a huge golf fan, traveling for tournaments makes it tough for her to spend quality time with her family. She enjoys feeding her kids first thing in the morning now that she is not competing. She puts her family first above all else. “In terms of priorities, our family truly is the most important thing to me,” she continued.

The LPGA golfer is still grieving the loss of her brother, which happened in 2022, despite being happy that she now has two children. Her outlook on life has been altered by all of these, and she now desires more time spent with her family. Additionally, a member of her family is participating in the field this week, even though she withheld any information regarding her comeback during the tour.

This week’s HGV Tournament of Champions features a celebrity group that includes her husband, Aaron Hicks. Hicks commented, “To feel that adrenaline that goes through you when you tee off on the first hole and finishing on the last hole,” in reference to this week’s match. I always enjoy feeling that way. Hicks himself played golf for a while before turning to baseball. However, he acknowledges that his wife has improved his golf form.

For the time being, Woods did not appear to indicate that he wanted to officially return. However, she stated that she would be thrilled to give it a shot at competing in a future U.S. Women’s Open.

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