As Serena Williams plays Green Day’s latest album continuously, one of the band members reveals her unique request.

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For a very long time, Serena Williams has been recognized as a huge fan of the band Green Day. And Williams made sure to write about them on her official social media account in light of the excitement around the release of their new song album, “Saviors.” In an interview, band member Billie Joe Armstrong disclosed that, despite the buzz around their new album, Serena Williams would always ask to hear her favorite song when she came to see them perform live.

Every time, she would ask them to play one of her old favorites. Williams would occasionally finish her bouts early to see the band play with great passion.

Serena Williams has always expressed her affection for this band in an honest way. Whenever she saw them perform live, she would ask them to play a song that she really, really loved. Williams was one of the “sweetest” individuals, according to Billie Joe Armstrong, who described him in an interview. He would always come to watch them on request.

He stated, “She was busting everyone’s ass in that specific country, so we would run across her in different parts of Europe! She wouldn’t just show up to the performance—she would really race against her opponent to see how quickly she could finish the job!”

Regarding Serena Williams’ particular request, Armstrong continued, “We composed a song called Disappearing Boy years ago, and every time she would show there, she would beg us to perform it. She’s amazing; she’s one of the kindest individuals.

Williams is a legend in her own right, but she also thinks that other people’s legends should be respected. As a matter of fact, she recently declared her intention to accompany the band on tour and asked her followers to follow suit.

Serena Williams expressed her delight for the new Green Day album in one of her tales on her official Instagram account. Her best wishes were also sent to Billie Joe Armstrong and the entire group. She also revealed the cities and dates of the band’s next performances in her subsequent story.

Williams also mentioned the albums or songs that the group will be performing. She continued, saying, “Obviously, I’ll be on the entire tour.” “Don’t miss me or Greenday!” she exclaimed, signaling to her followers that she would be there to support her favorite band once more in addition to herself.

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