“The Child Is Manufactured and Built Up”: Asserting “Cooked” Gervonta Davis Prior to this, Bill Haney Says Crude Things About the “Former Face of Boxing”

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Boxing fans have recently become interested in Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney after they disclosed shocking details regarding a sparring session they had with Floyd Mayweather. Tank asserted that he had virtually eliminated “The Dream,” but Haney countered that Gervonta was lying.

Devin’s father, Bill Haney, has recently asserted loudly that his son is far superior to “Tank” in this regard. Bill further cited Tank’s and Devin’s sparring battle as evidence for his claim that “The Dream” did a good job of punishing Gervonta. This is the reason Bill thinks Haney will never be defeated by the so-called “former face of boxing,” Gervonta Davis.

Gervonta Davis just become an Islamic convert and adopted the name Abdul Wahid. Similarly, Bill Haney minimized the boxer’s skills during a recent visit on the Porter Way Podcast by referring to “Tank” as Abdul Wahid. Bill claims that at first he believed Wahid could put his son Devin in danger. But after seeing Gervonta’s most recent bouts, he declared that he was certain that “Tank” was no longer a match for “The Dream.”

At first, I would have assumed that taking on Abdul Wahid, the former boxing face, would be the most difficult challenge. At first, I would have concurred. However, the more I observe him, the less confidence I detect in the young man,” Bill said. Davis, in his view, is prepared exclusively to handle Mexican boxers who have dubious ring footwork. Similarly, he continued, “The child is prepared and engineered to take on slow-moving Mexican fighters.” He’s never faced up against someone who looks like Devin.

In relation to this, Bill also brought up the Davis and Devin Dog-House sparring match. While Davis claimed he nearly knocked out Haney, the latter refuted the claim, claiming instead that “The Dream” beat up “Tank” pretty good. Bill also ended by echoing his son, saying, “The last time we were in the ring together, he [Davis] got cooked.” It’s also important to note that “Tank” recently declared he would make Bill Haney cry.

Although Bill and Devin Haney assert that “Tank” was startled during a sparring session, Gervonta Davis recently declared he would exact revenge on “The Dream” in the ring. “Tank” declared on social media that he will surpass Devin and surprise Bill. He also counseled Devin to make the most of his celebrity before taking on Davis. “I swear to you. “Your father will weep for what I’m going to do to you,” Tank remarked. “Enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts,” he continued.


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