Patrick Cantlay says the PGA Tour is his “primary” priority and that he wants to never have to deal with Tiger Woods’ headaches.

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All members of the community are glued to their seats, anticipating the $3 billion merger. Tiger Woods and the other golfers on the PGA Tour Policy Board are particularly affected. The game’s legend has previously mentioned the restless nights he had during the Hero World Challenge as a result of the discussions. For Patrick Cantlay, though, none of that matters.

In an interview, the eight-time PGA Tour winner was questioned about how he managed to juggle his duties as a board member and his golf game. But Cantlay went on to discuss his priorities when responding to the question, referring to his work as a board member as a secondary one, no less!

In the lead-up to the 2024 American Express, the professional expressed his “deep concern” for the current discussions at a news conference. Furthermore, he explained that he is working to “represent” the players “as best as possible” and that he has “a responsibility to the membership.” The golfer went on to say that one of the biggest concerns is “seeing through this deal… to set up the PGA TOUR players both now and in the future.”

He did, however, quickly acknowledge that playing golf is still his “primary job,” making reference to his athletic career. However, he continued, saying that even if it was “a challenge,” he had to “prioritize both things correctly” and “do everything” he could. That’s life, as the expert himself put it.

Alongside Woods, the thirty-one-year-old American was working on the agreement as the fifth Player Director of the PGA Tour Policy Board. The latter became the sixth member of the club in August of last year, and the eight-time PGA Tour winner was reappointed to the post for a further two years, until 2026. Given the company of Mr. T and his own priorities, the 2022 BMW Championship winner would undoubtedly make every effort to avoid obstructing the 48-year-old.

And the fifteen-time major champion? Prior to joining the policy board, the game’s legend had declared his intention to ensure that the circuit stays a player-driven organization, preserving the notion of “for the players, by the players.” In addition, he stated during the most recent Hero World Challenge that he wanted to make sure the transaction went more smoothly overall.

The 1997 Masters Champion disclosed how the agreement was moving slowly during his comeback event. He nevertheless took pains to emphasize how “the process has evolved but frustrated at the speed of some of the governance change.” In any case, he had revealed that the board was “working tirelessly” to get the greatest possible bargain.

A optimistic Woods made the following statement about the current discussions he was involved in at the Hero World Challenge: “Getting the deal done, but making sure it’s done the right way.” Presently, even if the merger deadline was moved up to 2024, many people find that the remarks made by the 15-time major champion in December allow them to relax and stop worrying too much about the future.

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