“Ain’t Nobody Believe But Us”: Jonathan Owens wins sweetly against the Dallas Cowboys, silencing hate on the internet.

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Just as quickly as they had entered AT&T Stadium, Cowboys supporters had left. The Dallas Cowboys’ NFL game last night took a dismal turn when the Green Bay Packers won handily. Jonathan Owens, the starting safety for the Packers, has been involved in a variety of scandals. When the NFL hero received backlash online for his pompous hit on Bears quarterback Justin Fields, things got worse. In a fascinating turn of events, Jonathan Owens has escaped the cloud of suspicion unharmed.

It is Simone Biles’s fault that her spouse was able to avoid a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion. From the sidelines, the gymnast exuded positivity and turned the tide in her husband’s favor, earning her the title of unofficial lucky charm of the squad. Jonathan Owens only needed to ride the wave and win back America’s affection.

Following last night’s football game, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are once again the dominant couple in the NFL. The gymnastics all-around best dressed in a costume that begged to be called “Green Bay Packers,” went all out. Sparkling affirmations surrounded the name “Owens” on her phone cover and outerwear. Once again, their fleeting moment of closeness that ended with a kiss has gone viral on the internet. In addition, there were more celebrations on social media following the Packers’ convincing win against the Cowboys.

Using the celebrations to his advantage, Jonathan Owens skillfully created a fun clip for his Instagram stories. Owens began by filming a video in which he danced with the team to Chief Keef’s Faneto, making the Packers’ trip to Dallas publicly visible.

To include the rest of the Packers “gang” in the picture, Jonathan Owens spun around the space. “Ain’t nobody believe but us!!!!” is the caption for the eye-catching video, which is a quote from a philosophy he has already developed over his NFL career. To everyone’s surprise, including his own, Owens quickly restored his reputation in the public eye.

The whole 180-degree turn in Jonathan Owens’ fan base can be seen in his Instagram stories. When he arrived in Dallas wearing a couture outfit, the Packers’ safety did not have a welcome party. For the athlete, the scene was unpleasant because of the cold weather and deserted airport. Observing the absence of encouragement, the Packers coach attempted to boost his morale by giving him a pep talk in the locker room.

The miracle remains unclear as to whether it was Simone Biles’s kiss, pep talk, or possibly a mix of the two that did the trick. Still, Jonathan Owens played a great game and won the fans over after leaving Dallas. In Wisconsin, throngs of supporters awaited his arrival along with the Packers, praising the group for a job well done.

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