PGA Tour Rumors: Tiger Woods May Have Found Nike’s Replacement, and a Clerical Message May Indicate an Upcoming Match

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Has Tiger Woods moved on at last? Well, until all of it came true a while ago, the golf world was certainly consumed with rumors that the legend and Nike were breaking up. But it appears that the golf town’s gossip outlets have concocted yet another round of rumors about the 48-year-old replacing the Swoosh on the greens.

Not so long ago, the golfer’s fan page TWLEGION published a tweet that seemed to indicate the same thing. In addition, the player himself was seen carrying the apparel, which only served to fan the flames!

The American apparel brand TravisMathew is featured in a teaser/advertisement film that the fan page posted on their X handle. Additionally, they posted the same image with the implication that a new deal for the company is on the horizon, captioned “Travis Mathew says a new moment is coming.”

Is that all there is to it? Not even close. Another video showed Woods lugging a change of clothes in a parking lot while wearing a white Nike tee went viral. However, as the video zoomed in, the brand was made out to be none other than TravisMathew. Just gives the replacement rumors more ground!

The 15-time major champion had previously disclosed on social media that he had broken up with Nike. In addition, he thanked Phil Knight, the brand’s former CEO, and tendered a tearful farewell to the business that supported him for 27 years as they helped one other make enormous profits.

Interestingly, the Ryan Ellis-led organization has a bright future ahead of them with the 82-time PGA Tour winner if the rumors around the area are indeed accurate. This is particularly true given that the label recently experienced the separation of one of its players.

After a nine-year association, the clothing firm and Keegan Bradley recently ended their relationship. When the golfer joined the American company in December 2014, having departed Tommy Hilfiger, the two were matched together. In addition, it was a win-win situation for all parties: once Bubba Watson left the label in 2013, the athlete was able to find a more suitable fit for his style, and the company was able to welcome another significant champion into their ranks.

However, the pro recently signed with Flag and Anthem in an unexpected move, therefore the partnership has ended. The latter is now able to serve as his new “apparel sponsor” for 2024 thanks to the new partnership.

Many golfers have changed their sponsors at the beginning of the season, including Woods, Bradley, and Jason Day. Will there be more in the golf world in 2024, though? We’ll just have to wait!

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