“It’s an Opportunity,” Bryson DeChambeau said, referring to “Tiger Woods” as a prototype for League of Legends and sparingly mentioning golf’s future.

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Since its beginning in 2021, LIV Golf has turned a lot of heads. It is mostly due to the Public Investment Fund and the kind of exclusive structure that the league supported by Saudi Arabia claimed. Still, it was greeted with a great deal of disdain, particularly among PGA Tour partisans. However, nothing is quite as it seems. Bryson DeChambeau concurs as well!

In an exclusive conversation, the Crushers GC captain shared his ideas on what he believed the alternate tour would be attempting to accomplish. But in the process, he made sure to include the name of none other than Tiger Woods, who serves as the league’s inspiration!

DeChambeau expressed his opinions regarding LIV Golf in an interview with Sports Illustrated, saying, “It’s an opportunity to grow the sport.” He continued by saying that the league supported by Saudi Arabia is attempting to emulate the 15-time major champion, who was “his own team.”

The captain continued the connection by describing how, because of Woods, everyone “followed the sport even though they might not play golf” in the past. The 30-year-old continued, “I think that is a small part of what LIV is trying to create.”

He did, however, also make a prediction regarding golf’s future. The captain shared his opinions, saying that there is also “an opportunity” to give the “signature events or designated events” “a team aspect.” He also pushed for the two sides to unite, pointing out how adding the same may “create another line of revenue” for the tournaments that boast such a field.

The 1X major champion continued by emphasizing the necessity of a two-way agreement. Additionally, he explained how the two circuits’ schedules must coincide in order to accommodate the different competitions.

The 30-year-old revealed in the interview with Bob Harig that in order for the PGA Tour and LIV Golf to collaborate effectively, they “may need to lower the minimum events” in a given season. Furthermore, the golfer highlighted how creating a schedule in addition to the other factors is quite “tough.”

He continued, referring to LIV Golf’s independent course, by saying, “You have the PGA Tour creating something new.” He did, however, convey his strong conviction that the two circuits will remain for a very long time.

When the merger deadline was extended, many people became worried about the overall future of the sport. There is some hope that the framework agreement may proceed without any problems because of the skipper’s strong remarks on potential solutions.


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