“We Assess Him Above AJ”: Former Professional Boxer Follows Tyson Fury’s Lead While Being Brutally Upfront About Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou

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Is Anthony Joshua making the correct decision by taking on Francis Ngannou? Throughout his fight with Tyson Fury, Ngannou showed that he was a formidable opponent. As a result, Joshua faces greater risk because Ngannou is a strong opponent. However, some in the boxing community believe that this fight is just a money grab. Not to mention, even if “AJ” defeats the UFC’s previous heavyweight champion, he could not receive any recognition.

Nonetheless, considering the circumstances, former professional boxer David Coldwell believes it’s a pretty good match-up. His remarks are insightful since he offers a comprehensive perspective. So let’s jump straight into his remarks without any more delay.

According to David Coldwell, there should be no complaints about the matchup. Why? Because Tyson Fury was dropped and appeared vulnerable by Ngannou in their most recent fight. There’s a story in the boxing community that says Fury is more skilled and has a stronger chin than AJ. Therefore, Ngannou would find it easier to deal with a diminished version if he could neutralize those traits. In an interview with Boxing Social, he reflected on the matter and said, “Out of the two, fury got better chin.” Ngannou dropped Fury, correct, so we claim that Fury has got better boxing skills and he is a much bigger, more elite boxer than AJ. Did Fury appear at ease and to be effortlessly outboxing the inexperienced Ngannou during that fight? No, it didn’t.

But Joshua is prepared to try it, even if he could have gone for the championship, which Coldwell thinks is admirable.”We give Tyson Fury a better ranking than AJ. Therefore, Anthony Joshua is pretty much set to pursue that path given that he knows he has an opportunity to defend the world title with the IBF. I think it’s acceptable to then actually be willing to go against a guy who has demonstrated the two traits—the man who is supposed to be better at those two things—and to severely damage Fury’s two attributes, Coldwell said.

Furthermore, he says that this is a real battle that might serve as a tune-up for the former champion. “It’s a good non-title, tune-up, warm-up,” he continued. The former professional did offer some reasoned remarks and gives Joshua and Ngannou their due credit. Ngannou, however, is aware of a change in public attitudes about him as a boxer, particularly in the wake of his fight with Fury.

For an extended period, Ngannou was ridiculed. But following his bout with Fury, a number of well-known figures, including David Coldwell, gave him credit. The mixed martial arts fighter acknowledges this and does not hold back while acknowledging it. “You know, you can tell that they are giving me—showing me some respect, like okay—’don’t count this guy out,'” he said in an interview with Ariel Helwani.

This rewriting of the story would give Ngannou more self-assurance before his battle with AJ. Furthermore, tensions and rumors will undoubtedly make their way into the media as the battle draws nearer.


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