Three Professional Golfers Who Are Not Related to a Specific 15-Time Major Winner by Last Name

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Without a doubt, one of the best golfers of all time is Tiger Woods. He has had a huge impact on athletes and the sport. Some of the several young golfers who have been impacted by the 15-time major champion happen to have the same name as him. Just like the legendary golfer, these youthful talents seem to be much inspired by him, even though they have the same first name.

They are Taiga Semikawa, Robin Tiger Williams, and Tigеr Christеnsеn. Their skill and enthusiasm are causing waves in the golf industry. Each of the three of them has a unique backstory about how their names came to include the word “Tiger.”

1. Robin Tigger Williams

With his middle name honoring the legendary Tiger Woods, Robin Tiger Williams is not your typical teenage golfer. The kid golfer previously disclosed that his father intended to name him after the renowned cricket player Sachin Tendulkar because he is an avid cricket lover. They came up with “Tiger,” nevertheless, because his mother didn’t like the concept. Speaking about the 15-time Major Champion being the inspiration for his moniker, he remarked, “I don’t see a lot of similarities between me and Tiger.” However, he’s a huge inspiration to me, and I want to play golf like him.”

In 2018, at the Junior Ryder Cup, the two Tigers faced. When Woods inquired about his middle name, he answered, “Tiger.” Incredulous, the 48-year-old retorted, “Come on, guy, really? Bravo,” she said, praising him.

2. Taiga Semikawa

Taiga Semikawa is an avid admirer of American literature and was also named after Tiger Woods. With a score of 11 under, the Japanese golfer is now tied for fourth place in the Sony Open. He’ll play to win in the championship round on Monday. “I grew up watching his aggressive style, and I think that kind of fits my personality and is something I try and replicate in my own game,” he said at the Hawaiian event.

In 2022, the 22-year-old became a professional. In 2023, he even made his Masters debut and made the cut. The young player says he was inspired to play at the greatest level of golf by the 82-time PGA Tour winner.

3. Tigеr Christеnsеn

Not to be overlooked is the one and only Tiger Christensen. The 19-year-old golfer, who bears Tiger Woods’ moniker, showed innate talent and style in the game. It has always been compared and added duty for players to have the same name as a legend, but Christensen does not feel this way.

He is inspired by Woods, but he wants to write his own success story. He declared, “I know that whatever I do will be compared to him, and in my opinion, he is the greatest person of all time. What he has done for the game, how he has altered it and increased its popularity, is truly unique.


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