In response to Errol Spence’s claims of an eye injury, Terence Crawford says, “I Need Three Surgeries!”

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Unified welterweight champion Terence Crawford has replied to Errol Spence Jr’s claims that he went into their battle with an eye injury.

During their eagerly anticipated fight, Crawford consistently outmatched Spence, culminating in a historic victory through a ninth-round TKO. But Spence has since come forward and disclosed that he suffered an eye injury prior to the fight, and he believes this is the reason Crawford found him so easy to strike.

Needed cataract surgery… It was overdue, and s**t was in my eye. Even though I received a lot of jabs and hooks, I thought my brother gave a fantastic performance.

On social media, Terence Crawford shot back at Spence’s justification for his performance, stating that if his ailment was as terrible as he depicts, the fight would not have gone forward, as well as indicating that most fighters are hurt to some degree when they step into the ring.

“We definitely get our eyes checked before every fight, as far as I can remember. Just saying.” A boxer would understand that. However, uninformed fans will claim and fabricate anything.

“Yes, I do need three surgeries that I haven’t had, so does that also make me handicapped?”

Spence’s activation of the rematch clause for a second fight with Crawford has tied him up, even though it appears that he will be sidelined after the operation. Fans are calling for Crawford—who is supposedly the best fighter in the pound-for-pound division—to be allowed to fight other opponents while he waits for Spence to be fully recovered so they may rematch, but neither the timing for Spence’s recovery nor Crawford’s position in the event of a timely delay are known.

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