When Tiger Woods chose family over career, he once disregarded Jack Nicklaus’s 18-major feat: “Much More Crucial”

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Over the course of his 27-year career, Tiger Woods broke numerous records. However, there is one record that he has yet to surpass: the illustrious Jack Nicklaus record. Even while the 83-year-old’s 18 major triumphs have stood the test of time, Woods has definitely surpassed the Golden Bear’s record. Every golf enthusiast has been waiting for Woods to surpass all other players in major wins, but since they have shared in the past, golfers do not want to give it top priority.

On the eve of his 40th birthday, nearly eight years ago, during a difficult time in his life, Woods explained why he would not give up on his aspiration to surpass Nicklaus’s major record. The 82-time PGA Tour winner clarified that, despite battling with ongoing injuries and having his career abruptly end, he would prefer to prioritize his family before golf.

With an ice pack on his back, Tiger Woods discussed his family, his past relationships, and breaking Jack Nicklaus’s major record in an exclusive interview with Lorne Rubenstein of the Times in 2015. At the time, the five-time Masters champion was going through a difficult period on the personal and professional fronts.

It seems that Woods did not want to break the record at the expense of his family or his failing health when discussing the significant records. When Rubenstein inquired about what Woods would do if his career abruptly ended due to several injuries, given that it has been said that Woods was one of the driving forces for the record,

The 15-time major champion responded candidly, saying, “I don’t want it to happen.” Definitely not, I do not. He declared that he has no intention of quitting golf. He also didn’t want to put his kids in danger in any way at the same time. He declared, “My kids’ lives are much more important to me,” and he wouldn’t jeopardize them in order to further his professional goals.

In a perfect world, however, he would benefit from doing both, so it would be a “win-win.” But if he had to pick between having children and pursuing his work, he would chose the latter. Golf wouldn’t be my one choice if I could only do one. My children, that is,” Woods remarked.

Injuries had always plagued Woods’s career, occurring occasionally. An illustration of this is his recent return to golf. In truth, the record holder didn’t believe Woods was still capable of breaking the mark.

Jack Nicklaus, the renowned golfer, recently spoke with the Golf Channel and shared his opinions on Tiger Woods surpassing his record. First, the Golden Bear gave Woods his word that he could accomplish everything he set his mind to. However, he can’t quite shatter his big achievement. But even with his extraordinary abilities, the 18-time major champion remembered the several ailments that Woods had sustained and how they have affected him.

Nicklaus clarified that Woods might have beaten his record if he had stayed healthy. Woods might not accomplish the acclaimed accomplishment, though, because his health isn’t as good as it was in his peak. While he wasn’t completely dismissive of the prospect, Nicklaus was confident that his record would “probably stand for a while.”


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