Simone Biles is up against LeBron James, Coco Gauff, Lionel Messi, and other competitors.

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2024 has already commenced. However, the unwavering performances of the world’s best athletes in 2023 are clearly remembered by all. Accolades, honors, and recognition are rolling in before the Olympic year’s next season of accomplishments begins. When it comes to gymnastics, nobody shines more brightly than the greatest of all time, Simone Biles.

The six-time world all-around champion stunned everyone by making her much-awaited return in 2023. Simone Biles didn’t have much time left in the year, though, as she only started competing again in August. She is currently vying for a significant honor against the titans of other sports.

Simone Biles’ name was listed among the top athletes who not only dominated 2023 but also continue to be global superstars. Despite being the best gymnast in the world at the moment, Simone Biles made her comeback very late in the year.

In addition, the gymnastics off-season started not long after she was crowned world champion in Antwerp. She was unable to enter many competitions, but she excelled in each one that she did enter. Simone Biles never gave the impression that she was going to make a return, even after winning the US Classic. Anyone who observed her routines, in fact, found it hard to believe she had ever left. The remaining athletes on the list, though, are not far behind.

At the 2023 Artistic Gymnastics Championship, Simone Biles added four gold medals to her already impressive total of 30 world championships. She also broke her own gold medal records in floor exercises and beam balancing. It’s interesting to note that she has almost twice as many global titles as the other gymnasts combined. The pinnacle of her return was when she had a Belgian move named for her.

Even though her accomplishments are indeed remarkable, other sportsmen deserve a spot on the list as well. Alongside his native Argentina, Lionel Messi defeated the reigning champions, France, to win the FIFA World Cup. This year, American tennis player Coco Gauff achieved her maiden Grand Slam victory after steadily rising through the WTA rankings.

Several NBA players were included on the list as well. The top players on this list were Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks, LeBron “King” James of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. With the exception of 2023 and 2019, all three of these players and their teams have won the NBA championship since 2015; Curry leads the group with four victories. Given the fierce competition, do you think Simone Biles can emerge victorious in the People’s Choice award in 2023?


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