Boxing Icon Mike Tyson Discovers He Is an ATP Tour Successor as the Former Professional Draws Similarities With Russian Superstar

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The Russian great Andrey Rublev had his finest season in 2023. Rublev made it to the finals of numerous competitions, but he struggled to win more than one. The athlete is well-known for his violent play style and frequent outbursts. But he’s a very different person off the court. One tennis great likens his actions to those of a legendary boxer who had a similar style.

Rublev’s rage appeared to flare up during a tournament close to the conclusion of 2023. Carlos Alcaraz and Andrey Rublev squared off in the ATP Finals, and the 26-year-old’s genuine rage was evident.

Among the most well-known boxers in the sport’s history is Mike Tyson. The world continues to watch him destroy opponents in legendary matches because of his accomplishments, which have made him a legend. For sportsmen who exhibited violence during their playing career, Tyson became the standard. When former Bahamas player Mark Knowles watches Rublev play, he is reminded of Tyson.

He stated, “You know he’s fascinating because he’s kind of an enigma, right? ” in the Tennis Channel Inside-In podcast. Because of the way he plays, boxer, Tyson, savagery come to mind. Like get in the ring, and we’re gonna swing. Then you observe his demeanor off the court; he couldn’t be more considerate or nicer. Okay, so if this is a story about two worlds, how can you not support Rublev?

Rublev is renowned for playing the game with aggression. The world number five goes one better, demonstrating in one instance how far he will go when he truly loses his cool.

Rublev battled Carlos Alcaraz every step of the way after having a fantastic year and being put in the same group. Rublev had to concede the match as the loser because the Spaniard proved to be too strong for him. Rublev would repeatedly smash his racket against his leg out of frustration. It was miraculous that he was barely cut.

The move stunned the tennis world, but in the post-match news conference, Rublev allayed everyone’s concerns by declaring that he was alright. The Russian player has been known to have more of these outbursts, and now that he is firmly established in the top 10, we should expect to see even more.

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