Terence Crawford Hints in a Cluesome Message That the Errol Spence Jr. Rematch Is Not Happening: “I Done Heard It All Now”

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Errol Spence Jr.’s defeat in July 2023 may have raised hopes for a rematch between him and Terence Crawford, but that hopes appear to be dying. Until now, the previous winner had accepted full responsibility for his loss and placed all the blame on himself. Crawford seems eager for a rematch as well, which was stipulated in their contract. But as of late, “Bud” appears to be ruling out the notion.

Spence Jr. just underwent cataract surgery to address an issue he was having with his right eye. He revealed on social media that Crawford’s blows during their most recent fight were a result of his ongoing eye issue, namely cataracts. Crawford, though, isn’t buying it. Furthermore, it further postpones the possibility of an impending rematch because the recuperation could take a while. Crawford’s latest post has further jeopardized the prospects of a rematch.

Crawford’s statement suggests that he would prefer to withdraw from the match than have to deal with having to explain his victory. “I done heard it all now @ErrolSpenceJr. It’s ok tho because overall I’m glad it’s over and done with,” he wrote on X. Good luck to you, ma’am brotha. The undefeated fighter called into question the veracity of Spence Jr.’s explanation, emphasizing that it looked contradictory given that the examiners had given their clearance before to the boxer’s professional debut.

The 33-year-old fighter revealed to his supporters that he had cataract surgery not too long ago. He had shared a picture of himself on Instagram with tape and medical gauze covering his right eye. He said that the procedure was long overdue and required to clear the congestion in his eye in an Instagram story. He wrote, “Had to have cataract surgery. Shit was covering my eye. It’s been past due.”

In response to this revelation, Terence Crawford made a simple yet powerful statement. He had cut through the noise about the procedure on Twitter with a brief two-word statement: “No comment.” Crawford has also questioned Spence Jr.’s assertions that his performance has been impacted by the eye injury.

Crawford questioned Spence Jr.’s eligibility to participate professionally despite having an eye injury in a tweet, highlighting the necessity of boxers getting their eyes checked before a fight. He claimed that this is standard knowledge in the boxing community and contrasted it with possible false information spread by uninformed fans.

Crawford makes reference to Spence in his comments, even though he doesn’t say it directly. By responding to Crawford’s previous remarks on Spence Jr.’s eye surgery, the conversation over the specifics of their July fight is furthered.

The p4p king appears to be second-guessing his choice to face Spence again. Having already proven himself against him, he has no intention of ever again tempting a match with him.

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