Simone Biles acknowledges that she is the reason behind Legend’s success in gymnastics while Gabby Douglas skips NTC.

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Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas “stayed up late and laughed so loudly over things like pizza that the other gymnasts banged on the walls” at a training camp in the year 2014. And thus began an illustrious and lasting connection and bond between the idols who, as essential members of the Final Five squad at the 2016 Rio Olympics, made their country proud. Biles gives Douglas the credit he deserves as their friendship became stronger during their separate career advances. In 2023, both Olympians made an exciting announcement about their thrilling comeback to gymnastics.

However, Gabby appeared to be absent from the gymnastics floor, missing the 2024 NTC, while Simone Biles dominated 2023 and won gold after medal. However, Simone Biles has acknowledged that Gabby Douglas is the reason behind her meteoric rise to fame, even if Douglas has remained absent from the gymnastics community.

Seven-time Olympian Simone Biles talked candidly about her early years in gymnastics and the inspiration for her reputation in an interview with Vanity Fair. She mentioned how normally, toddlers start gymnastics extremely early, even in “Mommy and Me” classes, as soon as they can begin walking. But Biles started her adventure at the age of six. She said that the delayed start required her to work hard even if she had innate skill. Biles revealed that at first, all she wanted was to compete in collegiate gymnastics. Later, after witnessing the success of icons like Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, and McKayla Maroney, she became motivated. This was at the 2012 Olympics in London.

“I saw those girls and was like, ‘I’m going to the same camps they’re going to; maybe I could do that,'” revealed Simone Biles. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Gabby, in particular, had received recognition from the idols, especially since both scions had revealed their plans to resume gymnastics at the same time. Nevertheless, Gabby Douglas hasn’t been on the gymnastics floor like Simone Biles has.

Gabby Douglas made the following Instagram announcement back in 2023: “There’s so much to be said, but for now.. #2024, let’s do this. She also traveled to the 2023 National Team Camp, which took place from November 1 to November 15. But even though she sparked excitement with her ambitions to compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, she failed to show up for the 2024 National Team Camp at Stars Gymnastic Sports Center in Katy, Texas, just as the season was about to start. On the other hand, among the 26 guests, Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, Zoe Miller, Jocelyn Roberson, and Skye Blakely made fans wonder why Gabby wasn’t there this year.

The 2024 Winter Cup in Louisville, Kentucky, will kick off the gymnastics season in 2024. From February 23, 2024, to February 25, 2024.
like 2024 draws to a close, fans want to see both Simone Biles and her idol, Gabby Douglas, back on the dance floor and prepared to make history once more, like they did in 2016.

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