“That’s Our Girl”: Simone Biles Is Happy For The LSU Freshman Who Scored 9.925 In Their First-Ever Win Against Ohio State

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Since her return in 2023, Simone Biles has been a formidable force in the gymnastics world. Her coronation day is getting closer as she wins more and more national and international competitions. But before she’s crowned the gymnastics queen again, Biles needs to win more medals in Paris. As she awaits her ultimate celebration in the French capital, a recent development in the PMAC has made the legend smile.

Simone Biles works out with a group of teenage athletes who are rising to prominence in her family’s Texas gym. Recently, during the LSU vs. Ohio State match, a fellow trainee who is now a Tiger helped Olivia Dunne’s team to an outstanding victory.

When Olivia Dunne steps onto the mat, the No. 3 LSU Tigers gymnastics team is usually excited. With several incredible acrobatics and flips up her sleeve, the social media sensation is also a tumbling legend. But during Friday night’s game between the Tigers and Ohio State, one particular rookie stole the show.

Amari Drayton stole the show with her outstanding performance. Until very recently, she trained at the World Champions Centre with seven-time Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles. LSU Gymnastics promoted her initial performance with an X post because they were confident in her abilities. Captioning: “PERMIT US TO OFFICIALLY PRESENT AMARI DRAYTON The University uploaded a video of her outstanding performance. “The freshman scores a 9.925!”

The University released a video of her outstanding performance. Remarkably, Simone Biles claimed her as her own when she uploaded the video on X.

“That’s our girl 🥹💜🐯 so proud of you, Ari,” Biles added, sharing their familial connection with the world. With a total point of 196.975 against Ohio State’s 196.775, LSU prevailed by a narrow margin. Amari Drayton played a part in this victory, but it was made possible by a last-minute switch.

In an unexpected turn of events, Amari Drayton gets a place
Kiya Johnson was supposed to be the final gymnast for the floor performance by the LSU Tigers. But at the last minute, she had to remove her name from consideration. Amari Drayton was then proposed by the LSU coach to take her position. In her first game as the Tigers’ anchor, Drayton scored 9.925 points.

KJ Johnson scored 9.850 points on the floor earlier. The high score of Drayton caused this to be removed from the leaderboard. The Tigers finished the title with an all-time high score thanks to Amari Drayton’s contribution to the team’s overall score.

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