Floyd Mayweather Regarding The Possibility Of A Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis Rematch

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Floyd Mayweather shared his thoughts on the likelihood of “Ky Ry” facing Gervonta Davis again as he was ostensibly out shopping with Ryan Garcia.

Although Garcia, a super-lightweight contender, was defeated by a wide margin in their first encounter, he has since expressed confidence in his ability to face “Tank” again.

The first battle ended quickly when Davis connected with a hard body blow that knocked Garcia to the ground, where he stayed for the whole ten count.

Up until that point, the battle had been tense and Garcia hadn’t really made an effort to get close to Davis. Mayweather was quick to capitalize on the controversy that was going on behind the scenes between him and his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, following their April fight.

After the fight, Mayweather went onto the ring to celebrate, having coached Davis in the early stages of his career. Having famously defeated De La Hoya in a major bout in 2007, he quickly recognized De La Hoya in the audience and exclaimed, “Hey Oscar,” while laughing.

In an interview with InsideFighting, Mayweather was asked if we could expect to see the two young fighters square off in the ring again.

It is left to them both. Still a fierce financial battle. It was an incredible battle. For Ryan, there was a small setback leading to a huge victory. It all comes down to loving life and making millions of dollars.

Garcia recently declared that he is now focused on challenging Rolando Romero for the WBA Super-Lightweight World title, having abandoned his earlier talks with Devin Haney.

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