Hours After Coach Calvin Ford’s Arrest, Gervonta Davis, Now Abdul Wahid, Shares Hard-Hitting Life Lesson

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Gervonta Davis has had a difficult year in spite of the massive successes inside the ring. In a massive development, his head coach, Calvin Ford, has been arrested in Davis’ hometown Baltimore. However, just hours after the incident came to light online today, the undefeated pugilist turned to social media with a difficult confession.

The reason behind Calvin Ford’s latest arrest seems to be serious. The update comes days after Davis recently transitioned into his new faith as a Muslim and changed his name to Abdul Wahid. Possibly contemplating his trainer’s arrest, Davis turned to Instagram, channeling his thoughts into a poignant life lesson.

Gervonta Davis starts the year with a difficult lesson

While there’s no guarantee that the Instagram story was regarding his trainer’s arrest, the timing and the choice of words do suggest a connection. The southpaw wrote, “The less people you chill with, the less problems you deal with.” Davis himself is dealing with his prohibition at the moment, unable to visit his family for Christmas.

Tank has been out of the ring since he clashed with Ryan Garcia in April last year. Though he managed to pull off a dominant victory, fans have speculated about his return since then. Meanwhile, Ford’s recent arrest raises questions about Davis’ return to the ring. But why was he arrested? Here are some of the details we know as of now.

Even though the 58-year-old was picked up by the cops in Baltimore, his actual arrest warrant was issued from Las Vegas. According to co-trainer Kenny Ellis, Ford’s charges include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

However, co-trainer Ellis denies any wrongdoing, claiming to have been with Ford the entire time. He questions if Ford did something wrong and why, if he was with him, the cops didn’t arrest him. He later goes on to claim that the truth will come out soon.

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