Serena Williams’ Ex-Coach Rushes to WTA Star’s Defense After Schooling Fan Who Bashed Her United Cup Performance

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Zheng Qinwen is shining at the United Cup as she takes a win for her country. While the mixed-gender event has been in full swing, the Chinese tennis player stunned Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrousova to take her country further in the game. But after the clash, there has been a lot of debate and discussion going on regarding the Czech’s stand in the same battle.

While a lot of tennis fans have been questioning Vondrousova’s credibility as a Wimbledon champion, Serena Williams‘ former coach, Rennae Stubbs, stepped up to shut down the unnecessary hate as she was not able to do well in the United Cup, despite carrying a champion’s title.

Serena Williams’s former coach stands up for Marketa Vondrousova 

While the 2024 United Cup has kept fans on their toes, at the same time, it has also created a buzz. After China defeated the 24-year-old Czech player, a fan questioned why he didn’t find anything slam-worthy in Vondrousova, while all eyes and cameras were on Qinwen during the match.

While many questions were raised about the world’s 7th-ranked tennis player’s credibility on the court as a player, Serena Williams’ ex-coach, came in support of Vondrousova. At the same time, the former Australian star explained how winning Wimbledon carries a different spirit for a player.

She wrote defending the 2023 Wimbledon winner, “Well, let me enlighten you! She beat EVERYONE.” Not only this, but Stubbs also lauded Qinwen and called her a “VERY good player” with great potential in the future.

Apart from that, she also praised the 21-year-old Chinese tennis player for doing great on the court. But do you know that having a Grand Slam title changes the perspective in the broader picture? After winning her first Grand Slam title this year, the 24-year-old revealed a brutal reality about her maiden Slam victory.

Grand Slam champion Vondrousova’s scathing confession 

Just a few days after clinching the Wimbledon crown, the 24-year-old tennis star opened up about how no one can take her Grand Slam victory away from her. In an interview with PuntodeBreak, she highlighted how a lot of things change after becoming a Grand Slam champion.

She said, “If you have a Grand Slam title, no one can take it from you anymore. You’re a little calmer because you know you already have it, although I feel like everyone wants more later; they go for the second one.” Along with that, in her career, for the first time, she also broke into the top 10 of the WTA rankings.


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