Where Is Tiger Woods Spending His 48th Birthday: His $20M Yacht, the Lavish Bahamas Estate or Jupiter Island?

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Where will Tiger Woods spend his birthday? It remains a guessing game, considering his astute care for privacy. But the former World No. 1 is spoilt for choices. The Jupiter home, which boasts luxury resort-like amenities, is always a likely place, and so is his sprawling Bahamas estate. The yacht, which generated a lot of attention lately, has also hosted Tiger Woods on a few significant occasions.

As he turns 48 today, we look at the possible options for the veteran golfer. A Bahamas vacation will allow him to indulge in one of his favorite hobbies. Whereas, the Jupiter home will give him the warmth of family with Charlie Woods and Sam Woods by his side, perhaps.

The 82-time PGA Tour winner might already be off to the Bahamas to his $100M 565-acre Albany mansion. Woods was there just weeks ago at the Hero World Challenge. Considering he feels healthy and confident about his next season, nothing like chumming with friends and perhaps his son, in the Bahamas to rejuvenate before the next season. Moreover, it will also offer him the opportunity to go deep-sea fishing.

Tiger Woods loves that. In fact, he once skipped a golf tournament to go fishing. But the private person that he is, he preferred not to make a fuss before lest it spoil his favorite me time activity. The 15x Major Champion called in sick. But his friend later blew the gaff.

Once again, the veteran golfer went trawling a few years back. That time, woods posted on his X (formerly Twitter) profile. But if he chooses to stay at home this year, the Jupiter Island mansion is the ideal place for the 15x Major champion.

Staying at home is obviously an option for Woods, given the bookworm that he is. Moreover, the veteran might want to enjoy a good game of golf with Charlie Woods. And who knows, he might invite Justin Thomas as well.

His $20 million 155-feet, 1800-horsepower yacht too is a possible destination. Tiger Woods stayed at his yacht during the 2019 PGA Championship, 2006 U.S. Open, and 2018. U.S. Open.

Floating in the middle of the ocean might not be the first choice for many, but then again, ‘Privacy,’ for that’s what the yacht is called, has a jacuzzi on the deck. It also has a bar, so no compromise on single malts and bourbons should the 48-year-old wish to indulge. On top of that, the luxury pleasure raft also boasts a gym and a chamber for scuba diving.

Clearly, Tiger Woods has no dearth of choice for celebrating his 48th birthday in style. But that’s a given when your name tops the PGA Tour money list and you’re a ‘Forbes-certified’ billionaire.

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