LIV Golf Update: Tiger Woods to Play Major Role in PGA Tour PIF Merger?

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As December 31st approaches, everyone’s heartbeat is pumping. Well, it would not be wrong to say that in this meeting, everyone’s eyes will be on Tiger Woods. Woods is likely to play a major role in the historic merger between the PGA Tour, DPWT, LIV Golf, and the Public Investment Fund.

The 15-time major winner, who had reportedly turned down a $700 million offer from LIV Golf to stay loyal to the PGA Tour, will now have a say in shaping the future of the game. Along with five other player directors: Charley Hoffman, Patrick Cantlay, Peter Malnati, Jordan Spieth, and Webb Simpson, Woods will have a major say in the involvement of the golfers who now play on the other side.

According to the Mirror, the 82-time PGA Tour winner will have a major influence on the fate of the LIV golfers. He could determine whether they would be allowed to play in the PGA Tour events or not. “As long as a player has input and has faster decisions, as long as the board recognizes that, That’s one of the key things the player directors have focused on. The entire board has been accepting of that,” said Woods.

The 47-year-old was appointed as one of the six-player directors on the PAC, and that role sure comes with a lot of responsibility amidst the $3 billion merger. Before his appointment on the board, the five-time Masters champion kept his lips tightly sealed. It was only after becoming a player director that the GOAT started sharing his thoughts about the merger.

What does Tiger Woods think of the PIF-PGA Tour merger?

After being in the dark about the merger, the golfer was allegedly shocked. One could even say that he probably felt betrayed by the tour officials, but that did not hamper his intention of wanting what was best for the sport. At the time when the PGA Tour had some potential investors, he talked about having SSG with the “same alignment” in the mix and heading in the “right direction.”

Notably, in November, Woods also opened up about the partnership between the former rivals. He said that the player directors were working hard to improve the process before the final meeting (December 31). In his words, “December 31 is coming up quickly. There is a timetable there that we would like to implement some of these changes that haven’t taken place.”

Talking about how everyone involved in the merger and the deal are on the same page, he also said, “All the parties are talking and aggressively trying to get a deal done. We’re trying to make sure the process is better. Implementation of governance.”

If the meeting goes as Woods expects, then the players who joined LIV Golf will have the chance to be welcomed back to the PGA Tour, which will open many more avenues for them! The deadline for the PGA Tour-PIF merger is fast approaching, and the directors are busy making changes to the tour and their deal with the Saudi-backed tour. They plan to have their final meeting on the last day of the year.

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