What Are Tiger Woods’s Superstitions? Revealing the Top 4 Bizarre Habits Ahead of His 48th Birthday

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Jack Nicklaus’s three coins. Ernie Els’s birdie balls. Davis Love III‘s old coins. Golf is no stranger to superstition and bizarre habits. So, is it a surprise, that arguably one of the best golfers to ever step on the greens, has also a handful of them under his belt? In fact, Tiger Woods’s good friend, NBA legend Michael Jordan, too, felt the need for luck by his side. Woods, too, admits as much.

Once his daughter, Sam Woods, asked if he was superstitious. The veteran golfer replied, “Well, I guess I am,’ or maybe I’m a creature of habit.” Be that as it may, the former World No.1 prefers to do everything to the T. His microscopic attention to detail will possibly find its only parallel in the late Stanley Kubrick. As the veteran golfer looks to turn 48, here are his four most bizarre habits.

1932 Mark on his ball

Why does Tiger Woods mark his ball with 1932? The 15-time Major winner explained in a chat with his good friend, Fred Couples, “It was the year my father was born. He taught me how to putt.” Earl Woods passed away in 2006. Here is Woods dedicating his 2006 Open Championship victory to his father two months after his death.

Meticulous about his equipment 

Woods had a very particular way of arranging his pockets. Three tees he uses, go into his right pocket while the yardage book goes inside his back right pocket. The pinstick moves to his front left pocket, where his chapsticks stay. Reportedly, the veteran golfer always carries his chapstick.

Tiger Woods and Sunday red

After all this time?”, “Always.” That’s what Tiger Woods would perhaps say if you ask him about his red shirt. The legendary red Nike became synonymous with final rounds. “I’ve worn red ever since my college days basically, or junior golf days—big events on the last day,” Bunkered quoted the veteran golfer. Interestingly, only thrice has Woods won without a red shirt—his very first PGA Tour victory in 1996, and only twice in the 2000s.

Fred couples revealed that when LaCava caddied for him for 23 years, it was the bagman who always drove the cart. However, Woods, never lets LaCava drive. It’s probably an arrangement only with LaCava because we saw Sam Woods driving the cart while caddying for her father.


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