Serena Williams’ ‘Sweating Like Crazy’ Admission Prompts Venus Williams to Doubt Herself- ‘Mistake to Be Hustling..’

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Holding the door open for someone is one of the few gestures that will put a smile on someone’s face. However, often, this gesture can cause someone to awkwardly hustle through the door because they aren’t close. Serena Williams is no stranger to the latter situation and recently shared a post talking about the awkwardness of someone holding the door open for her when she’s far away.

Serena’s post, as usual, saw much engagement by fans. Her elder sister, Venus Williams, also decided to talk about the post and joked about hustling through it.

Serena Williams is someone who undoubtedly encounters several nice gestures throughout the day. She is a personality who has brought a smile to many faces and continues to do so. Holding the door open for her would be a minor gesture in someone’s eyes. But even that can become awkward for her. Sometimes, Serena has to rush to get through an open door because she’s far away. She recently shared a post on her ‘X’ page regarding the situation.

It read, “Thank you for holding the door open for me…. But if I’m a football field away please go ahead and go in… I don’t wanna rush- by the time I get there I’m sweating like crazy and stressed 🙈. Anyone feel me?”.

Venus Williams was captured by Serena’s words as she encountered a similar situation many times. To her post, she replied, “Gosh I’ve been making the mistake to be hustling all this time?!”.

Venus realized she could’ve shared a post on her social media like Serena and discouraged people from putting her in such a situation. The seven-time grand slam champion has found herself in a few awkward situations, including an incident with her mother in Moscow.

Oracene Price and Venus Williams find themselves in a ditch

The story takes place when Venus Williams is much younger. She went for a night out with her mother, Oracene Price. Price would not usually step into a nightclub but made an exception on that day. The elder Williams’ sister recalled that they didn’t have much money, but they went out, made some friends, and ate in the middle of the night.

She laughed about the incident as she recollected it. Williams further said it was the first and the last time she went out with her mom. While Price never went for a night out with her daughter, she did go to watch all of her matches. The one night in Moscow would become one night that Williams would remember forever.

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