Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Successfully Brings Olympia to His Zone as He Unveils Eccentric Activity Together

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Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian is back to being the ideal father once again as he finds another way to spend time with his daughter. He never leaves any stone unturned when it comes to having one-on-one time with his elder daughter Olympia. Be it with golfing, dance classes, pancakes, and now with video games.

Alexis Ohanian recently posted about how he and his daughter Olympia were having fun on a weekend, as they were enjoying some amazing video games. He even shared a snip of the game on his official social media and mentioned how they were having the perfect time on a weekend playing the game.

The bond that Alexis Ohanian and Olympia share is very pure and adorable. The two of them never leave a chance to spend some quality time together. And now both of them have again found a way to bond, and that is with video games. They were recently seen playing a game they enjoy together. It is called Darkstalkers Hsein Ko.

Alexis Ohanian even posted about it on his official X channel. He wrote, “Friday nights for video games.” Further, he also added how the simple mode in the game is perfect for his six-year-old daughter and him as well as pointing to the fact that even he is not good at the game. He also posted about it on his Instagram story. Ohanian added, “Weekend video games with Olympia Ohanian are starting to get fun.”

In the game, both of them can be seen competing with each other in a fighting battle. Besides playing video games with his daughter, there is another ritual that Alexis Ohanian has picked up, and that is ‘Wake and Crepe’. It is a new series that he has started for his fans online.

There are a lot of series that Ohanian has done in the past and continues to do like Papa Pancakes, where he cooks pancakes in Olympia’s favorite shapes and designs. Then there is also Caddy Daddy, where the two of them share a game of golf.

He starts this series by going live on his X or Instagram accounts. During the live stream, he makes crepes at home and also answers questions that his fans ask him during the time. It is like a fun live Q&A while cooking breakfast that he does for his fans.

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