Serena Williams Credits Tennis as She Delves Deep Into Her Penchant for Discipline and Organization

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Serena Williams is someone who keeps herself engaged. She takes care of her investment firm and two daughters, which means that she does not have much idle time in the day. Williams has great organizing skills, which help her throughout the day. She dived into her organizing mode and how tennis helped her with creating a daily schedule.

In a prior interview, Williams talked about how busy she is because of her involvement in Serena Ventures. She needs a proper schedule and even talked about how she added a specific time for relaxing.

Williams used to manage a similar schedule the tennis players of today have to work with. With her career spanning more than two decades, she knows how to map out her entire year when it comes to tennis. Now that she is retired, she deals with just as much work as she tackles Serena Ventures. In a recent interview uploaded on her YouTube channel, Williams talked about her organizational skills.

She said that she likes utmost control over her schedule, has mapped out her time till March 2024, and loves knowing what she has to do every day. The Queen of the Court further explained how tennis helped her face this challenge.

I can get very organized to be ready to face that challenge. I think that discipline really came from tennis, um, because you know where you’re going every year, um, you know where you’re going to be at in January, you know, what’s going to happen in, you know, October. So, um, I think that that discipline was just kind of just built into me.”

For her, organizing is one of the most important tasks. However, she schedules something that many people find natural.

Williams has to schedule relaxing time

With Serena Ventures keeping her busy and with two daughters, Williams does not find time to relax easily. She loves the busy lifestyle, but it can get exhausting for someone like her as well. To make sure that she is recharged each day, the 23-time grand slam champion has to schedule time for relaxing.

She talked about it in an interview with CBS Morning and told the host that, “I don’t know how to relax, it’s so hard for me to relaxI have to schedule it in my schedule. I’m not kidding.” Although tennis does help her keep a good schedule, she does not know how to kick back properly. But keeping it in her schedule helps her keep herself fresh.


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