Charlie Woods Defeats Tiger: Rumored Grayson Deal Takes Down Dad’s Nike Triumph by Miles

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Since Tiger Woods made his comeback after his sabbatical, he has been constantly in the news headlines for one reason or another. The latest news regarding him that is swarming the internet is his fallout with Nike, with nearly three decades of association. But amidst the Nike-Woods chaos, Charlie Woods’s alleged Greyson deal stole the limelight.

Now, Woods Jr. stealing the show at just 14 years old is a much bigger picture than it appears! It is more than just a probable partnership; it is Charlie’s triumph that is much bigger than this father’s.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Charlie, at just 14 years old, has probably signed a deal with Greyson Clothiers. He was welcomed into the Greyson Clothiers family by famous NFL player Larry Fitzgerald, who posted the news of Woods Jr. joining the pack on his Instagram account.

And what adds flame to this fire is the fact that at the PNC Championship last week, the 5x Masters winner was wearing Nike clothes, and Charlie was wearing Greyson Clothiers. Notably, with his deal with the clothing brand, Charlie has outshined his father by almost 7 years! The 82x PGAT winner signed with Nike when he was 21, unlike Charlie, who bagged his first endorsement at just 14 years old.

Along with a passion for golf, Charlie Woods has also inherited a unique sense of style from his father. The 15-time major champion is one of those rare golfers who is not only excellent on the field but also has a huge following for his style. In his three-decade-long partnership with Nike, he has served some serious fashion goals with the brand’s apparel, especially Sunday’s red.

Tiger Woods was already one of the biggest names in the golf world when he turned pro in 1996. Nike, which was a well-established name at the time, was quick to secure the golfer for themselves. Hence, in 1996, at the age of 21, Woods signed the first endorsement with a giant brand. For the next 27 years, the two had a successful run where they both greatly benefited from each other.

The monetary terms of the alleged deal between Charlie and Greyson are not public yet. But Woods Sr. has surely had a good run with Nike. In 1996, he received $40 million for a five-year deal. Then, after that, he bagged $100 million to renew this deal after 5 years. Overall, throughout the past 27 years, the golfer has made upward of $500 million from his signings and renewals with Nike.


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