“Cannot Emphasize Enough”: Bryson DeChambeau Blames Tiger Woods For Blowing a Massive TGL Break With Al-Rumayyan

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Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s TGL was introduced as the league that was innovative and would change the landscape of golf. Distinct in its format and with 24-man rosters, the league promises a golf experience for fans that they never have seen before.

The concept is new and high-tech, though it has been delayed to 2025, it lacks one thing that could have “revolutionized” the game of golf as per LIV Golf’s captain of Crushers GC, Bryson DeChambeau. According to DeChambeau, TGL could have been something better if they had contacted ‘His Excellency.’

TGL is the only competitive simulator golf league in the community as of now. The league was supposed to be inaugurated in January 2024 if the technical mishap had not occurred. Although garnering criticism for its resemblance to LIV Golf has been a trend, the league was a unique format in itself.

And Bryson DeChambeau seems to agree with that. He said, “It’s great, more golf is good.” Although he is unsure about simulator golf, he finds the concept “cool” and having been done by the “most influential golfer of all time,” it sure has some leverage to it.

Even then, DeChambeau believes, “only if they (Woods) had talked to LIV off the bat,” and “given them an opportunity,” the landscape of golf would have changed drastically. The 2020 U.S. Open champion asserted that he “cannot emphasize enough,” if TGL “would have just had a meeting with H.E. (His Excellency: Al-Rumayyan),” it could have “revolutionized the game of golf like he (Woods) did in 2000”

Furthermore, DeChambeau described that he can do it even now as the league has been postponed to 2025. With PIF and the PGA Tour possibly merging in the future, what DeChambeau has suggested may become a reality, although the PIF-PGA Tour deal itself has been showing a hindrance to conclusion.

The PGA Tour and PIF merging deal was announced on 6th June 2023, however, since then, the parties have been silent about the deal’s progress. The deadline for the said deal has been confirmed as the 31st of December, with only a few days left. Will the deal get finalized at the end of 2023?

Tiger Woods said, “As of right now, that is our time frame [31st December] and our deadline,” which was set in June and it “hasn’t changed.” Additionally, the CEO of the PGA Tour, Jay Monahan, stated the finalized date is the “Firm target.”


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