“Might Just Start Crying”: Harrowing Reality Of Simone Biles Post-Olympic Trauma Unveiled By Jonathan Owens

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Simone Biles has once again ascended the gymnastic throne after a brief respite from her queenly duties. Her renewed coronation is scheduled for 2024 when she will firmly repose her status as the de facto queen regnant. However, the fanfare from her impending grand ascension cannot eclipse the gloomy past in the gymnast’s life. But, in typical fairy tale fashion, her knight in shining armor was there to rescue her from the malevolent demons.

Simone Biles suffered the career-ending “Twisties” at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. She put on a brave face as she announced her withdrawal from the competition and hid the emotional turbulence brewing within her heart. Now, her husband and constant partner in agony and joy, Jonathan Owens, broke his silence to reveal the tough times in the athlete’s life.

Simone Biles was taken aback when the “Twisties” suddenly took over her cognitive acuity. However, a grave tragedy was averted when she landed on her feet despite losing all sense of physical orientation in mid-air. This was possible because of her years of rigorous training that has developed muscle memory. However, she could not rely on her body to act on its own accord during all of her subsequent routines. Therefore, she decided to go on a long hiatus and only made a comeback in 2023. However, the time in between was particularly harsh for the seven-time Olympic medalist, as retold by Jonathan Owens. During his appearance on ‘The Pivot Podcast,’ the NFL legend said, “being around her and just seeing like, we might be in the bed and she might just start crying”.

The trauma of unfulfilled ambitions was too much for Simone Biles to bear. Jonathan Owens suggested she take a few years off in order to decompress and focus on her mental well-being. Cut to 2023, and Simone Biles is again at the top of her game, but the fears of the past are far from allayed.

Simone Biles’ lingering fears

The fearful echoes of the previous Olympic Games continue to haunt Simone Biles in the present. As the newest iteration of the Games draws closer, she could not help but delve into a bit of retrospection. Biles said, “Although I freak out a little at the beginning of every Olympic cycle, I’ll have to remind myself that I’m fine when the clock hits 2024”.

This statement of confidence stemmed not just from the achievements she has already attained, but also from Jonathan Owens. As a form of tribute to him for his incredible support, she will be championing mental health as she guns for the all-around title in Paris next year.

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