Golf Fans Erupt in Excitement as Tiger Woods Turns ‘Professor’ in Newly Surfaced Video: ‘Always Elite’

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Filled with true sportsmanship! What else can we say about Tiger Woods, who, despite recovering from issues with his health and body, makes sure to extend a hand out to others? But, that is exactly what has happened as the legend of the game decided to take some time off his busy schedule to guide young minds of the sport.

However, it seems as if the golf world couldn’t get enough of the Hall of Famer and his act. Moreover, as the 15X major champ shared his “insights” to the next generation, the community went ahead to respond excitedly as they took to the internet in support of the golfer!

The 47-year-old can be termed as nothing short of a legend on course owing to the many accolades he raked in with his skills. And, fresh out from the 2023 PNC Championship, Woods was spotted imparting exactly these skills to another golfer from the Prairie View A&M University, a little while back, on the greens.

A post was shared by the PGA Tour on its X handle, showcasing how “committed” he was to “improving the game for future generations to come.” As he started with his teaching, Mr. T was spotted initially asking the young athlete what she “would like to see” to which she replied, “A mini draw.” 

After watching the youngster make her shot, the 82X PGA Tour champ went ahead to advise her on how she could play the same better. Moreover, he guided her on keeping her “club out in front of her hands longer” to prevent playing a “fat hook” while getting rid of “wasted motion.” And oh boy! Did she listen to the legend and make the shot! Well, Professor Woods was spotted visibly happy after that.

The community couldn’t be happier after seeing the Hall of Famer passing on his techniques to the youngster. Surprisingly, their happiness took the form of comments as the fans went ahead to comment under the tweet.

Woods’s teaching tenure rakes in a frenzy of reactions

Even Woods wouldn’t have guessed the amount of love he would be getting from the community after the men’s circuit shared the video. The comments ranged from those of support for the golfer to hilarious ones taking a jab at LIV Golf. Let us take a quick look at some of the responses.

There is a name given for people when they take their time to guide the younger generation, especially in a college setting. And, that is exactly what a fan went ahead to call the pro as he shared his teachings with his students. A true professor!

Although the athlete is a true icon of the sport, his personal life has been that of a bit of a controversy. However, a supporter of the pro couldn’t care less as he took to the comments to share his admiration for the golfer.

The next response is for those who like yoga! It seems the professional’s voice is a good stimulant to get yourself engaged in meditation, or so said by an ardent fan of the athlete who expressed his desire under the comments.

His fans just keep on coming, it seems! Moreover, they can’t seem to get enough of the 15X major champ, as another netizen pointed out how the golfer is always the best while tagging Barstool sports under his comment.

The amount of accolades the 82X PGA Tour champ has garnered does make him a G.O.A.T of the game. And, getting tips from a legend like Woods is nothing short of awesome.

Well, here comes a jab at the LIV golfers who defected, citing reasons for improving the game and its legacy. And, he did not go soft as the fan went ahead and dubbed the Saudi-backed league as a “circus” of sorts!

Who wouldn’t want to listen to the best in the game when he dishes out gameplay advice to the next generation? Even the older athletes of the game would take a moment to listen when someone like Tiger Woods speaks— a true guiding light for the future of golf.

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