Why Was Angel Cabrera Convicted and Suspended From the PGA Tour for Two Years?

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When Angel Cabrera finished second in the 2013 Masters, there was no reason to think the Argentine would spend the last days of that decade in legal battles, eventually ending up in prison. Cabrera was brushing shoulders with the likes of Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, and Phil Mickelson. With two Majors under his belt, he was widely regarded as the best golfer Argentina has ever produced.

The fall from grace was swift and shocking. The 2007 U.S. Open champion was accused of domestic violence and eventually convicted, resulting in his suspension from the PGA Tour. After serving more than 30 months in prison, Cabrera is now back on the Tour once again. Surprisingly, stints in two of the most dangerous prisons in Latin America, filled with hardened criminals, have changed Cabrera into a better person.

Angel Cabrera’s legal woes date back to 2016. The former Masters Champion was accused of domestic violence against his ex-wife, Silva Rivadero. Rivadero accused the golfer of assaulting her physically and using verbal threats to subdue her.

While he was charged in the case, two of his former partners also came out with similar accusations. Micaela Escudero brought charges of domestic violence against the Argentine golfer. Furthermore, Cecilia Torres Mana, Cabrera’s partner between 2016 and 2018, also accused him of physically and verbally abusing her.

Cabrera was under notice not to leave the country. But the 54-year-old flew to Ohio for the Senior Players Championship, triggering an Interpol arrest warrant against him. Therefore, when Cabrera arrived in Brazil, the police detained him and kept him for four and a half months in Plácido de Sá Carvalho, a prison known for inmate riots. Eventually, the 2009 Masters Champion was extradited to his home country and incarcerated in Bouwer Prison in 2021.

After completing his two consecutive sentences, the three-time PGA Tour winner was released earlier this year, in August. Thereafter, Cabrera was preparing hard to come back to the golf world again, but it was not clear whether the Tour would reinstate his cards! Now, however, there is finally some clarity on the matter.

Can Cabrera tee up in the PGA Tour events?

After his release, it was quite unclear whether the 2007 U.S. Open champion would be allowed to compete on the Tour anymore owing to his turbulent past. However, Golf Digest’s recent report brought in some good news for the Argentinian.

As per the statement, Andy Levinson, senior vice president of the PGA Tour, notified Cabrera in a letter that the tour has accepted him back into the fold. The letter also stated that if he failed to comply with any of the legal guidelines surrounding his case in his country, he would once again be subjected to suspension.

Cabrera’s last appearance on the Tour came at the 2020 Pure Insurance Championship, from which he withdrew midway. However, just days ago, the Argentine golfer competed at the PGA of Argentina Tour’s Abierto Del Litoral (the Coast Open), where he tied for 10th. It seems like now he will be looking to return to the PGA Tour next season and pick up right where he left off!

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