“It’s Not the Same Without You”: Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Gets Emotional While Remembering Late Close Aide on Her Birthday

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Imagine, a world-famous boxer’s household, grappling with a void. Floyd Mayweather’s home is no stranger to the spotlight, yet a recent social media post by his daughter, Iyanna, reveals a different kind of battle – one fought in the quiet corners of the heart. Iyanna’s poignant tribute to Kitchie Marikit Laurico, the family’s late assistant, offers a glimpse into a private sorrow.

In a world where celebrities’ lives seem perpetually under a lens, this moment of raw, unfiltered grief stands out. What could a daughter of such a prominent figure possibly share that resonates with the pain of losing a family pillar?

Kitchie Marikit Laurico’s untimely demise earlier this year sent ripples of sorrow through the Mayweather family. A trusted aide and more like a family member, her absence has left an indelible mark. In a touching gesture, Iyanna Mayweather, Floyd’s daughter, recently took to Instagram to share her feelings. Her story featured an old post with Kitchie, accompanied by a heartfelt message. “Happy heavenly birthday Kitchie. It’s not the same without you. I miss and love you so much!“ she wrote, succinctly capturing her ongoing grief. In the next story, she posted a video of Kentrell Gaulden Jr., her son with NBA YoungBoy, sitting playfully in Kitchie’s lap, where they are both supposedly taking a selfie.

The tragedy of Kitchie’s passing is not just in its suddenness, but in the void it created. She was not merely an employee; she was a pillar in the Mayweather household. Her role transcended the boundaries of a typical assistant. Kitchie’s death, in a car accident, while on her way to pick up Mayweather from the airport, was a blow to everyone close to her. Iyanna’s post poignantly reflects this sentiment, revealing how deeply Kitchie’s absence is felt in their daily lives. A similar expression of loss was shared by Floyd’s baby momma.

In a heartfelt Instagram story, Melissa Brim, Floyd Mayweather’s former partner, and Iyanna’s mother, penned an emotional tribute to Kitchie, illuminating the depth of her impact on their lives. Brim fondly recalled Kitchie’s unique trait, stating, “ONE THING ABOUT KITCHIE SHE KNEW EVERYONE’S birthday…” She shared how Kitchie’s social media posts were a reminder for her to send birthday wishes.

Brim’s words, “I miss her beautiful face, that contagious laugh & smile,” vividly brought Kitchie’s memory to life. She reminisced how Kitchie always uplifted her, saying, even if she looked like “a mess,” Kitchie was there to compliment her. In a touching conclusion, Brim added, “Love you kitchie & i know you’re dancing in heaven right now,” encapsulating her enduring love and the void Kitchie’s absence has created.


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