Boxing Promoter Bob Arum Names Three Fighters Who Can Defeat Gervonta Davis

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Predictions often stir as much excitement as the fights themselves. Prominent boxing promoter Bob Arum has made a bold statement, one that challenges the current hierarchy of the lightweight division. Imagine, three fighters, each uniquely skilled, poised to dethrone the reigning champion, Gervonta Davis.

This isn’t just speculation; it’s a seasoned promoter’s calculated opinion. Arum’s reputation for identifying talent adds weight to his words. Yet, the boxing community remains divided. Who are these fighters and can these three fighters truly outmatch Davis?

Amidst swirling rumors of a potential showdown with Devin Haney, the boxing world received a compelling insight from Bob Arum. Known for his keen eye in the sport, Arum’s conversation with Fight Hub TV captured the essence of his belief in a few concise words: “All three, I think would beat Davis. I really believe that. I think Shakur beats him, I think Teofimo beats him, and I think Lomachenko beats him.” This statement, coming from a figure of Arum’s stature, immediately steered the conversation toward an intriguing possibility.

His selection of Shakur StevensonTeofimo Lopez, and Vasyl Lomachenko as Davis’ potential conquerors isn’t just a random pick. Arum’s assertion gains further momentum considering the current landscape.

Haney, fresh off his victory over Regis Prograis and eyeing a larger prize, finds himself at the center of speculation for a face-off with Gervonta Davis. This potential matchup has been a topic of hot discussion, fueled by their recent social media exchanges and public call-outs. Let’s now see what Davis’ stance is on the Devin Haney fight.

Hearn sheds light on the stalled Haney negotiations

In a recent turn of events surrounding the much-anticipated fight between Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney, promoter Eddie Hearn disclosed some crucial details. Addressing the media, Hearn reflected on his attempt to initiate discussions for the high-profile bout. “I would like to start conversations for the Devin Haney-Gervonta Davis fight. So I just texted him and said, ‘Let’s talk,’ and he said ‘no,’” Hearn revealed.

This reluctance from Davis to engage in talks raises questions about his interest in the matchup. Hearn speculated, “I don’t think he’s very interested in a Devin Haney fight but who knows?” Adding to the intrigue, Haney’s camp, represented by his father Bill, claimed they offered Davis a substantial $20 million for the fight, which Davis allegedly turned down.

As the boxing community watches these developments, the question arises: Will the reluctance from Davis’ side eventually give way to a historic clash in the ring, or will this anticipated matchup remain an elusive dream for fight fans? What are your thoughts on this ongoing saga? Do you believe we will see Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney face off in the near future?


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