A Kid’s Request Prompts Mike Tyson to Reveal Instructions He Left for His Wife In Case He Dies

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A true boxing fan would not want to imagine the event of Mike Tyson’s death. But the former heavyweight champion seems to have thought of it and has laid out plans that his wife shall abide by when the unfortunate event occurs.

At the VAULT conference interview with Patrick Bet-David, the 57-year-old was quizzed on multiple themes, including his journey through the sport and his life post-retirement. However, in one segment, when the audience was allowed to ask him questions, a young fan emerged. In his endearing set of questions, one remained a request for the fighter’s autograph. Explaining why Tyson would not furnish the boy with an autograph, the heavyweight legend also explained what his inheritance looks like after his death.

Instead of giving an autograph, ‘Iron Mike’ offered the young fan a picture. Rationalizing the swap, the fighter explained he’s lost touch with giving autographs ever since photographs have come into place. Furthering his argument that pictures have become the common norm, and explaining the dominance of mobile phones in the era, he revealed that in the event of his death, his wife has been instructed to give away his phone rather than any materialistic inheritance. He noted, “I was telling my wife, when we die instead of giving somebody a will or some furniture or a house, we got to give them my phone cause our secrets would be there.”

Further explaining the generation’s dependence on mobiles, he stated that he would not be able to remember anyone’s number without the device. He remarked, “The phone is just, we’re useless without our phones, I don’t, if anybody’s old enough when you remember you had all the phone numbers in your head. Remember that now if I lose my phone, I can’t call nobody. I’m in an Everglades without my phone.”

Mike Tyson is known for his humor, and his ability to be unpredictable. His answer to the young fan strengthened this assumption. However, at the event, he did something else that held fans in total shock.

At the interview with Bet-David, a massive number of people in the audience joined Tyson. So obviously, it would not be wrong to assume that Tyson would be on his best behavior. Formal and all, right? Well, when has the legend abided by such assumptions? In an unpredictable but very understandable move, the fighter excused himself from the stage midway through the conversation. Why?

Because he had to use the bathroom. Random, right? The host thought so too. In Tyson’s absence, Bet-David remarked, “The element, for me, what I pick up from him every time I talk to him, he has this element of unpredictability.”


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