‘LIV Single-Handedly Wins’: Tiger Woods and Son Charlie’s Moments Tainted as Golf Fans Fume Over Media

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The golf world has surely been waiting for the onset of the 2023 PNC Championship for months now. While some opted to experience the father-son challenge in person at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club, many of the fans were counting on the live broadcast of the event to keep track of how their favorite players’ teams were performing. But, as it appears, there was a hurdle in the event’s live broadcast!

The fans’ dreams of watching the event were quashed by the poor broadcasting experience of the live coverage. This left the fans disappointed and infuriated, as it impeded them from witnessing Tiger Woods‘s and Charlie Woods’s live action from the greens.

It was decided that NBC would broadcast live coverage of the first round and Golf Channel would broadcast the final round live. However, during the tournament’s final round, this was not the case. Things went south when the 15-time major champion was coming close to his tee time. At the crucial moment of Woods’s career, Golf Channel was found rerunning his presser, and shockingly, Peacock was focused on another sport altogether.

This was heartbreaking for the golf fraternity, as it is expected that the 2023 PNC Championship might be an end to Tiger Woods’s Sunday red tradition as his deal with Nike hangs by a thread of uncertainty. Complaining about the matter in a tweet on Twitter, TWLegion, a page dedicated to the golfer, wrote, “Golf coverage continues to be a joke.”

The inadequacy in terms of broadcasting displayed by the broadcasters left the golf world fuming. The tweet was quick to garner a lot of attention and support from angry fans online. The matter saw an outpour of emotions from the golf fraternity as they were saddened by their inability to watch the quest for the Willie Park Trophy.

Fans react to the poor coverage of the 2023 PNC Championship

Many of the fans complained about the disregard for the viewer experience inherent in the coverage of golf world events and how it is so vastly different from the other sports. Others took the opportunity to compare the inadequacy of broadcasting the PGA Tour’s events to LIV Golf’s mastery of broadcasting their events online.

An angry netizen was quick to give a bold verdict on the inadequacy displayed by media giants on the matter of coverage.

Another golf enthusiast was quick to make their demands clear. Frustrated, they asked the broadcasters to just do one thing and it was to “Just show the golf!”

One golf fan was quick to react to the inadequate coverage of the event. Sarcastically, they pointed out how even the 2023 golf world coverage is not at its best.

Adding to the list of fans pointing out the outdated nature of golf coverage was this other fan who opined that golf is the only sport in the world to lag in terms of coverage.

An X user was quick to bring attention to the fact that LIV Golf has comparatively way better coverage and “single-handily wins” in this parameter. They also mentioned how one can easily access the entirety of LIV events online.

One of the fans agreed to the claim regarding better coverage by LIV Golf and added how one can also watch commercial-free coverage on YouTube for the PIF-backed league.

Another fan was quick to point out that even though they find LIV Golf’s coverage good, they have a problem with its format, making it a net negative to watch the Saudi-backed league.

All in all, the famous platform was filled with back-to-back reactions from angry fans throughout the world of golf. What are your thoughts on the matter? Stay tuned to find out how thins unfold at this year’s PNC Championship!

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