“That’s Going to Be Upto Him”: Amid Potential Fight Rumors, Deontay Wilder Questions Anthony Joshua Changing Four Trainers

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Anthony Joshua has been going through some stuff! He has swapped his coaches like he is in a clothing store. Given the fact that ‘AJ’ and Deontay Wilder have a deal in place for a fight on 9 March, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ expressed his thoughts on Joshua’s habit of changing trainers. The whole trainer-swapping business began after his first loss against Oleksandr Usyk.

After the loss, Joshua felt the need to switch things up with his trainer. He opted for Robert Garcia while bidding adieu to Rob McCracken. Despite training under Garcia, ‘AJ’ could not change the result against ‘The Cat’ in the following year. So, in 2022, Joshua recast his trainer’s role again, this time for Houston’s Derrick James. Not so long ago, rumors of Joshua switching things up again started circulating, prompting a response from Wilder.

While appearing in a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Wilder suggested he has no idea what’s going on with Joshua. Meanwhile, he claimed Joshua has to figure out his next steps on his own. “I don’t know, that’s really going to be up to him, you know, to figure out his own game plan and how he’s going to be able to bounce back after fighting southpaws and come back,” said Wilder.

He asserted that it would be Joshua’s fourth trainer while hoping Joshua knew what he was doing. “I mean, this is his fourth trainer. He didn’t… Switched up with… so hopefully they have the answers to that because I definitely don’t,” said Wilder. He concluded by confessing, “All I could do is wish him the best and nothing less.” However, the rumors of Joshua changing trainers again are false.

Off late, there were talks of Joshua leaving Derrick James for Ben Davidson. However, as it turns out, the rumors aren’t exactly true. According to a tweet from a reporter, Chris Mannix, Joshua hasn’t changed trainers. Rather, he was getting some extra training done with Ben Davidson before the next fight announcement.

“Told that two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has not switched trainers. Joshua has been working with other trainers, reportedly including@BenDavison_, while in the UK, but the plan remains to return to the U.S. and continues training with Derrick James, likely when there is clarity on his next fight,” wrote Mannix.


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