“We Are Ready to Go 40 Bro”: Gervonta Davis Mocks Bill Haney’s Secretly Recorded Explanation of Why His Son Choose to Move 140LBS

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The flames of war between Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis continue to ignite as the war of words continues between the two camps. The two have been in intense rivalry even prior to Haney’s bout against Regis Prograis. As Haney prepared to fight for the super lightweight title, Davis fired cryptic shots at him. Interestingly as the fight ended with his dominating victory over Prograis, it was now time for Haney to return the favor.

Both Devin and Bill Haney blasted Tank in the post-fight conference. Moreover, even though he already has a mandatory waiting for him, it seems Haney is interested in fighting Davis next. As the saga continues, Davis decided to unearth the video Shakur Stevenson used to mock Haney’s ascension to the higher-weight division.

After his fight against Vasyl Lomachenko, Haney and Stevenson had a brief interlude of back-and-forth. It looked like the two would end up fighting. However, Stevenson didn’t agree to the purse-split and the fight fell apart. Interestingly, he had shared a recording of a conversation with Bill Haney that revealed his move up in weight.

This had left Bill Haney fuming as he stated, “Today I’m on Shakur’s a*s. He’s a fraud, he’s a fake. He’s around here recording motherf***ers.” In retaliation, he even shared the clip of Stevenson and Haney sparring during which the former tapped out quickly stating, “I’m tired”. This had led to a lot of fans claiming Stevenson is no match for Haney.

Interestingly, Gervonta Davis has now used the exact same clip to mock Bill as well. In the video that surfaced on Twitter, Davis could be seen mocking the way Bill Haney talked. He copied Haney’s manner of saying, “We already ready to go to 40 bro.” This is not the only shot Davis took at them though.

Devin Haney, recently fired verbal shots at Gervonta Davis, accusing him of fear and reluctance to face off. Haney expressed eagerness for about, stating, “Tank is p**sy.. he scared to death of me. He always he say wanna fight when I have a fight lined up already. Well now I’m free! Let’s make it happen.”

In response, Davis vowed retaliation, asserting, “I promise you. Your father gonna cry for what ima do to you and that’s on my dead homie. Ya best bet is to enjoy it while you can.” The tension escalated as both fighters exchanged heated words, setting the stage for a potentially explosive showdown.

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