Serena Williams Adds Inherent ‘Swag’ to Teaching Homework as Olympia Learns It the Quirky Way Possible

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Serena Williams is a superwoman when it comes to managing the sport, and her business, and also giving sufficient time to her own family, especially her kids. Recently she posted a video where she can be seen teaching her elder daughter Olympia to make sentences with the words she got for her homework.

Not only is she helping her learn for her schoolwork but also adding her little fun twist to the way she teaches her making the experience for herself and her daughter even more memorable. It is amazing to see how a person as busy as her can find time for her daughter’s homework.

One of Serena Williams’ fan pages recently uploaded a video in which she can be seen giving lessons to her daughter Olympia. She can be seen teaching Olympia how to make sentences of the words he got from school. However, instead of making simpler sentences, she is making them fun so that Olympia also enjoys them.

Here are some sentences she came up with, “She got a good shape. Where did you learn how to twerk from? You get that from your mama. Wow, she’s crazy. This right here is my swag. They don’t get it

Surely seems like Serena Williams is enjoying the time she gets to spend with Olympia amidst her busy schedule and she is making the most of it. Of course, Olympia is also following what her mom is saying and engaging the most. Well, homework is not the only thing that Serena Williams’ daughter engages in. Recently she was also seen playing golf when her father happened to capture her.

In a recent post shared by Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian, it can be seen that their elder daughter Olympia is standing on a golf course and playing. She is wearing a beautiful pink dress with white sneakers as her father is capturing her picture as she takes her first shot.

So, it’s not just tennis that Olympia takes part in when it comes to sport. She is also interested in golf. Ohanian posted the photo on his official Twitter account and also wrote a caption along with it that said, “Daddy Caddy Life.” The great thing here is that the couple supports their daughter in every adventure she takes upon herself be it in her education or other co-curricular activities.

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