‘I’m Always Sore’: Tiger Woods Makes an ‘Aching’ Health Update Despite Ditching 2024 Worries Days Ago

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The golf world was indubitably happy with the fact that Tiger Woods made his return to the game. Although Woods’s comeback did not turn out to be the way he might have envisioned, it appears that he is all set to play more tournaments in 2024. Things do seem to be progressing well for the professional, going into the next year, as he took to an interview ahead of the PNC Championship.

The professional did not shy away from commenting on his health, as he geared up to make his appearance again. What’s more, he went ahead to reveal his plans for the upcoming year, all the while divulging his thoughts on the progress behind his recovery.

After a commendable performance at the Hero World Challenge, the Hall of Famer is all set to grace the greens again at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club. While doing so, he was spotted sharing his thoughts regarding the progress he made as he heads into the upcoming season.

Divulging his opinions on the same, Mr. T revealed how “things are still aching” as he gears up for the PNC Championship. Nevertheless, the 82X PGA Tour champ disclosed how he “can still hit the ball in the middle of the face” all the while expressing his joy at being able to “get the ball out there a little bit.” Well, it’s as the golfer said himself, “It is what it is!”

What’s more, he was inquired about his hurdles going into 2024. And, the 15X hilariously admitted how the focus would be on the recovery process as he let it drop with a laugh, “No doubt! I’m always sore. There’s nothing new there!” However, he was quick to admit that it’s all part of playing the game. Nevertheless, the 47-year-old made sure to express his “intention” to play once a month “going into next year” all the while indicating how “fun and enjoyable” it would be for him.

However, this is not the first time that the legend has revealed details regarding his health and plans for the next season. What’s more, he had made a similar revelation after his stint at the Hero World Challenge.

A score of even par 288 at the previous event did not discourage the golfer from looking onto 2024 with much hope as he revealed how “there’s no reason why he can’t get into that rhythm.” Moreover, Mr. T hoped for a healthy 2024 as he divulged his plans to recover by taking a couple of weeks off to rest and a week “to build up.”

Adding on, the PGA Tour pro indicated how his game is not that far off all the while pointing out how he just needs to get in better shape. Nevertheless, he did make sure to admit that it needs a bit more work to get there. Well, many are looking forward to a much healthier Woods in 2024 and with the way he’s going, the fans wouldn’t be disappointed at all!

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