Amid Split Rumors, Reliving the Top 5 Tiger Woods-Nike Moments

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Tiger Woods and Nike have been through thick and thin for almost three decades. The golf legend was just 20 when their partnership started, and it has grown so much ever since. Woods and the sportswear giant have forged one of the most iconic and enduring partnerships in sports history. But as all good things come to an end, this partnership between the two might also end very soon!

But, on Friday, during the PNC Championship’s Pro-AM tournament, Woods was seen wearing Nike’s polo shorts. While these floating rumors are yet to be confirmed, let’s take a look back at some of the memorable moments that defined the Tiger Woods-Nike relationship through the years.

1. The Million-Dollar Shot

One of the most unforgettable shots in golf history came at the 2005 Masters, when Woods chipped in from the fringe of the 16th green, sending the ball rolling slowly towards the hole. The ball hung on the edgе for a split second, displaying the Nike logo clearly, before dropping in for a birdie. The crowd erupted in cheers, and Woods pumped his fist in celebration. At that time, Nike had made the equivalent of roughly $1 million in free publicity from replays of the clip.

During the final round of the Masters, the 30-second Nike commercial was priced at roughly a quarter of a million dollars. For every two seconds that Nike’s logo appeared on screen before it fell back into the hole, it amounted to $16,666 in intellectual value, and this is how Nike almost made $1 million in free publicity.

2. The Comeback Statement

In 2022, Tiger Woods was seen at Augusta National Golf Club for practice, and his shoes caught the attention of the reporters. He was spotted wearing FootJoy golf shoes instead of the shoes of his longtime sponsor, Nike. After the photos of the golfer’s shoes went viral, Nike released a statement showcasing its unwavering support for him.

Like golf fans around the world, we are delighted to see Tiger back on the course. He is an incredible athlete, and it is phenomenal to see him returning to the game at this level. His story continues to transcend sport and inspire us all. As he continues his return, we will work with him to meet his new needs,” said the brand officials.

3. The first Contract

The partnership between Woods and Nike began in 1996 when Woods was just 20 years old. He had turned pro and ended up signing a five-year deal worth $40 million with Nike. It was a record-breaking contract at the time and was considered a bold move by the apparel brand. At that time, the 15x major champion announced the deal with his famous four-word slogan: “I guess, Hello World.” A year later he won the Masters Tournament, validating Nike’s investment and launching a new еra in golf.

4. Thе Frank Commеrcial

One of the most popular and humorous commercials featuring Woods that Nike brought to market was the onе with Frank, a talking puppet headcover that resembled a tiger (animal). The ad, which aired in 2003, showed Frank giving Woods some advice on how to improve his game. The ad was a hit with fans and critics alike, and Frank became a recurring character in subsequent commercials.

5. Nike stood by him when everyone left

In 2009, when his personal life was in deep trouble, his main sponsor, Nike, stood by him like a rock. At that time, the golfer’s other sponsors started distancing themselves from him. Phil Knight (Nike’s then-CEO) stood by him and said, “When his career is over, you’ll look back on these indiscretions as a minor blip.” Nike continued sponsoring him and investing heavily in him for the years that followed.

These are just some of the highlights of the long and successful collaboration between Woods and Nike, which has transcended the sport and inspired generations of golfers and fans. Whether or not the rumors of their split are true, there is no denying that they have made a lasting impact on the game and each other.


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