“Ya Best Bet Is to Enjoy It While You Can”: Gervonta Davis Vows to Make Devin Haney’s Father “Cry” in Stern Warning, Devin Haney Responds

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If you need some adrenaline push today, here is an update that’ll do the deal. In developing news, Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney have locked their horns on social media which has ended in them calling each other out for a fight. It all started with Devin Haney who has freshly come off a stellar victory he secured against Regis Prograis claiming that Davis has dodged him repeatedly. In response, came ‘Tank’ who vowed severe damage to Haney if they met in the ring. Did this intimidate Haney? Well, he’s cleared his calendars for a fight.

On December 9, an ambitious Haney went up the weight to challenge Prograis for his super lightweight title. Concurring with early predictions, Haney snatched ‘Rougarou’s’ WBC belt through his impeccable skills. Without wasting any time, ‘The Dream’ called out his next big fish back in the lightweight class. In an attempt to instigate ‘Tank,’ he wrote, “Tank is p**sy.. he scared to death of me. He always he say wanna fight when I have a fight lined up already. Well now I’m free! Let’s make it happen.” In rebuttal, Tank promised to bring his wrath in all the vehemence he could.

It’s been a while since Tank was seen in the ring. The last we heard the sound of his punches was against Ryan Garcia in April this year, a fight that he won through a 7th-round KO. After a legal case that followed, and a long sabbatical to recuperate, Tank is on the hunt for the next big fight of his career. What better of a clash than against the two-weight champion, Devin Haney? In response to his instigation, the Baltimorean promised to inflict some severe harm on Haney. Through a fight of course. He wrote, “I promise you. Your father gonna cry for what ima do to you and that’s on my dead homie. Ya best bet is to enjoy it while you can.”

After the Prograis win, there seems no force that can stop Haney. In such confidence, he accepted Tank’s threats. He remarked, “Let’s make it happen.. I’m free.” If the two stalwarts of the lightweight class do clash, boxing enthusiasts can be rest assured of a lethal battle that will push one among them to the greatness of the sport, and the other to the plummet of their career.

While this fight gets sorted, Haney has another cause at hand. He needs to convince fans that his Prograis win was no fluke.

After the flak that he received for the Vasyl Lomachenko win, Haney knew that his next victory needed to be clean and clear. And he assured that. On Saturday night, he showed the highest order of his boxing prowess. He dropped Regis Prograis in round three, swiftly bagging a unanimous decision win. However, his victory was yet again disputed by fans.

Most of them called him a weight bully because of the striking difference in pounds between him and his opponent. While he weighed 165, Prograis touched 156.8 pounds. But Haney believes, the weight difference was not his grail to victory but his skills sealed the deal. He said, “I didn’t beat Regis by throwing my weight around or bullying him.. I beat him off skills.”

Meanwhile, whom do you pick as the favorite between Tank and Haney? Let us know in the comment section below.

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